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Posted by Stealth David   23rd November 2020
For the last 3 years I’ve been streaming on Twitch.TV, I believed that there was a way for me to give back to my 2k followers. So I decided to offer two different rewards systems, that I'm currently running because I know I wouldn’t have the support I do have today if it wasn’t for my viewers and Subscribers. I really want to reward these people who have supported me.
The first system I use is for everyone to get a chance to claim a free code for Steam, Xbox Series X/S & Nintendo Switch, you could also win 3 months Gamepass Ultimate, if your hours earned equate to enough bottlecaps. At this moment you might wondering what bottle caps are??? They are a sort of points system twitch runs and you earn them by building a watch streak or even just by watching my channel Idle. Every second you spend watching my Twitch channel www.Twitch.tv/StealthDavid you earn more caps!

Once you have got 65k Caps you can hit a button that will accept those caps and I will email you any code I have from my list! Last month, I even had a £80 Mafia Trilogy Ultimate Edition high quality game available just for saving bottle caps; you can even leave my stream Idle and still earn caps and a free code when you hit 65k!
On to the next way I give back to my Twitch viewers.

In return for the amazing support my viewers always show me, I do Raffle/Lottery style draws. There are two parts to this section and both require only a small effort from the viewer. The first thing you need to do is be subscribed to my channel (this is 100% free if you have AmazonPrime or PrimeGaming). All you have to do is link AmazonPrime, to your twitch channel and you will get one free subscription each month. If you choose to use this free subscription on my channel each month, these next two giveaways are completely for you amazing people who subscribe each month! I can’t thank you enough!

The first way to win using your AmazonPrime subscription on my channel, is by winning one of two subscriber only draws ,which are picked on the 1st and 15th of each month. The amount of winners for each draw does changed based on how many subs I have each month. Lowest is 2 winners each month, highest was over 20, it normally ranges from 2~5 winners on each draw date! To be entered into this all you have to do is use that free Amazon Prime Subscription on my channel, and I will do the rest including notifying you of any wins!

Second way to win has nothing to do with luck this way rewards every subscriber for their loyalty to my channel, basically when you subscribe for a year (this doesn’t have to be continuous) you will receive a choice of a code from my available list. After two years you will get two free codes and after 3 years you will get three free codes. So once you hit 3 years that's 6 free codes you have gotten over the last 3 years for nothing more than clicking resub each month! Those six games doesn’t even count the numerous codes you probably will win from the raffle that is mentioned about above .

If you have any questions please DM on Twitter @StealthDavid or Email me [email protected]

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