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Posted by Stealth David   23rd November 2020
For the previous 5 years, we've been streaming on our Twitch channel. Our Twitch channel is full of nice people, we all talk, joke, and laugh together as a community. To show our gratitude we implemented two different reward systems. We know without the viewers; we'd not have such a loving community. Therefore, we really wanted to reward all our viewers. I (StealthTroy) and StealthDavid work hard to promote publishers, produce reviews, create giveaways, interact with our viewers, and do long streams, which is why we value your support. We’ve both managed to make people happier with the many opportunities we give. We don’t intend to stop providing giveaways because our Twitch channel is full of great people, who are incredibly kind, and giveaways allow us to thank all our viewers.

Bottle Caps
The first reward system offers everyone the opportunity to earn 65,000 bottle caps to claim a free digital code from a list of Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, & Steam. Throughout the year, we also offer different prizes like Gold, Gamepass, or expensive games all for free. All rewards are purchased using bottle caps. Bottle caps aculamate as you view our streams. Simply drop by our channel and watch the stream to gain enough bottle caps for a prize. Every second you spend watching my Twitch channel you accumulate more bottle caps.

Once you have enough bottle caps, Click the icon at the bottom left of the Twitch chat to see the rewards! Once you have selected a prize, your bottle caps will be collected and StealthDavid will DM you on Twitch. We offer a large mixture of games to choose from, to see the games available this month type !list in our Twitch chat. Previously, we’ve had games such as a £80 Mafia Trilogy Ultimate Edition, Super Lucky Tales, Dakar 18, and other high-quality games offered for free on our list of games. We are incredibly grateful to our viewers for everything they do to help our Twitch channel improve. To start collecting bottle caps, come view our Twitch channel, everyone is really nice and it’s a great way to pass some time. Even leaving my stream Idle earns you bottle caps, and a free code when you hit 65k caps!

Subscriber Perks
To reward our subscribers and viewers, we offer twice monthly draws. Entering these giveaways require only a small effort from the viewer. To enter the draws, subscribe to my Twitch channel (each month) for automatic entry into all our twice monthly draws. Alternatively, see the bottom of this page to enter without a subscription. These twice monthly draws are drawn on the 1st and 15th of each month. I recommend checking your subscription before these dates because subs don’t automatically renew. Each draw normally ranges from 2~5 winners. The number of winners chosen varies. However, the minimum picked is always 2 winners, and occasionally we’ve chosen 10 winners! Simply, keep renewing your subscription, and we’ll notify you of any wins!

Our second subscriber perk rewards every subscriber for their loyalty, regardless of luck. Basically, after a year subscribed (this doesn’t have to be continuous) you will receive a free game. We have a long list of available games to choose from, which you can view by typing !list in our Twitch channel. After two years you will get two free games. The number of games you earn yearly, corresponds to your years subscribed. For example, 4 years subscribed gives you 4 free games. This reward system ensures all subscribers get rewarded for their support. Fortunately, the other subscriber bonuses will help you gain even more out of your subscription.

How to subscribe for free with Amazon Prime
We encourage viewers to subscribe with Amazon Prime and not money they’ve earned. Subscribing is 100% free with Amazon Prime (PrimeGaming) and gives you all the perks of having a subscription to our channel. Simply link your Amazon Prime to your Twitch channel and enjoy your one free subscription each month. Doing this will give you access to all our subscriber perks. We offer many subscriber bonuses, because we are incredibly grateful to all our loyal subscribers.

In conclusion, it’s worth subscribing with a free Amazon Prime Gaming Subscription because we provide many cool perks such as, automatic entry into twice monthly giveaways, bonus tickets in Twitch channel giveaways, Twitch emotes, Twitch badges, and yearly guaranteed free games. Even if you have bad luck in giveaways, the loyalty system guarantees subscribers get free games each year. Furthermore, bottle caps allow subscribers and non-subscribers to work towards getting a free game without relying on luck.

Yours sincerely,
David Thompson (Stealth David)
Troy Thompson (Stealth Troy)
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