Cheaters Policy

Cheaters Policy last updated 04/02/2013

1. Introduction

Here at, we do not wish to have cheaters appearing on our leaderboards as it is unfair on gamers who don’t cheat and deserve their spot.

The chances are, if someone has cheated, we will find them. It is very easy to spot a cheater using publicly available information stored on Xbox LIVE Profiles.

2. What happens to the cheaters?

When a user has been found cheating, all of their stats will be removed from the site. The user will be able to keep their account but will be removed from leaderboards, their gamerscore will be removed and their site rank set to “Cheater” to help other users identify them.

Cheaters will also not be able to use our gamer card images to show their gamerscore and will only see a message to inform other users that they have cheated.

3. Defining Cheating

On this site we have our own way of describing what cheating is, here are the definitions we use:


Mainly, what we describe as cheating is also against Xbox LIVE’s Code of Conduct.

  • Game-saving – A method of using another user’s save to cheat a game and unlock achievements automatically.
  • Hacked Lobbies – A modified game lobby where achievements are automatically unlocked.
  • Profile Modifying – Methods of unlocking achievements using profile editors without playing a game.
  • Profile Swapping – A method of using multiple profiles on one Xbox to share a save, similar to game-saving.
  • Game Modification – Modifying game data or files to create cheats or using modification tools.

Not Cheating

  • Boosting – Using a group of people to trade stats (Kills, Wins, etc.) to gain achievements.
  • Switching Console Language – Changing your console’s language in order to search for different regions in a game.
  • Offline Gaming – Gaining achievements that can be obtained offline. (Maybe because of lack of connection, avoiding a game patch, or changing the console’s date and time.)
  • Bad Coding – Using a game’s bad coding to your advantage.
  • Auto-fire Controllers – Using a controller with an auto-fire function to automate grinding. (Make sure that it is a Microsoft licenced controller)
  • In-Game Console – Taking advantage of an in-game console to unlock achievements.

4. Reporting another player

Reporting another player that you believe to be cheating is simple, all you have to do is click the report icon on their profile and fill in the form with any proof you have of them cheating. The report icon looks like this:

5. Appealing a Cheater Ban

If you have been labelled as a cheater by mistake, please head over to our Appeals Forum. Remember that it is a public forum where everyone can see your post, try not to be rude. We will try our best to resolve the issue as mistakes can happen.