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  • Posted: 26 Jun 2020 07:41 am
    Hi, I wanted to make this post about the issues on the site that I have experienced over time and what I think would be better for the site.

    - Gamerscore cuts off on the top right of the page if you have 1,000,000+, the 'G' gets misplaced to be more specific because there's "no room" for it. You can do this by using inspect element and change the text if you have less.

    - Clicking on the user's name of the last reply on a topic should bring you to their/last reply instead of their profile.
    - There should be an alternate gamerscore leaderboard that includes everyone on-site that is unbiased.
    - Also only accounts that pop-up on the leaderboard first page in a day seem to get the cheater flag (manually) done, the person that is #1 on the leaderboard is not legit and you can see if you take a little look, yet they are allowed on. I don't mind it too much in-fact a lot of people aren't but a leaderboard that included everyone not matter what would also be cool to see like I mentioned. ;)
    - On the forum section there should be a section for all your games to go in instead of them piling down the page like 100 games long.
    - Filtering games by platform would be nice and show games that you don't yet have, maybe even show 100% completion times for games
    - Some more emojis would be cool
    - I don't like the message background, the grey always make it looks like a quote and not as interesting to the eye

    Otherwise the thing I love the most is the signatures on the website, I think they are the best out there, I would love to see more like Xbox One styled ones. Great work!

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