Extra Life 2023

Raising money for charity!

Posted by Stealth David   14th September 2023


This year's Extra Life 2023 game day will be taking place on Saturday 4th November, and we'll be participating on our Twitch (Stealth David's Twitch). The stream will be from 6am GMT on the 4th of November and ends 24 hours later. We hope to help bring more awareness towards Extra Life as it is a great charity, which is trying to help sick and terminally ill children. One way you can support the charity is by donating here. During Extra Life 2023, we’ll be streaming for 24 hours. To show our gratitude to everyone stopping by the stream to help us raise awareness for the charity we’ll be doing 50+ giveaways during the 24 hours. Furthermore, those who donate to Extra Life will get automatically entered into donator only giveaways.

Donator incentives!

Below is a list of all the giveaway bundles we offer to our Extra Life donators. Each giveaway bundle will have 1 winner and that winner will receive all the codes in that bundle. Giveaway bundles will be drawn on the 5th November 2023 (The day after our 24 hour live stream). If you donate enough to be entered into a higher tier giveaway bundle, you’ll be entered into all lower tier ones too. For example, donating $20 will enter you into the $5 giveaway bundle, $10 giveaway bundle, and $20 giveaway bundle. Regardless of the outcome of the giveaways you’ll still have been helping sick/terminally ill children by donating to the charity.


$5 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games… (winner = NBGMonkey)
Alterity Experience 
Rivals of Aether 
Weapon of Choice 
Dobo's Heroes
KungFu Kickball 
Running on Magic
Space Accident


$25 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games… (winner = MaseJ)
Hillbilly Doomsday
Harmony's Odyssey
Cube Airport
Fruit Adventure + Fruit Adventure (Windows)
My Friend Peppa Pig


$50 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games... (winner = Captaineyecatch)
A code for 1 year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
My Friend Peppa Pig
Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R
Another Crusade
Torn Away
Everhood: Eternity Edition
The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation
Project Blue
Loot River
Shape of the World


$100 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games… (winner = ThunderCl0ud)
A code for 1 year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
The Grinch: Christmas Adventures 
My Friend Peppa Pig
Jumanji: The Video Game 
DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms 
Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3Rs
Enchanted Portals
Bang-On Balls: Chronicles
Rain World
The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor
Cats and the Other Lives
Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty

(for queries or to claim a prize DM StealthDavid on Twitch, TA, or Twitter)


Can't donate this year? Here's how you can help this crucial charity save children for free and get rewarded with dozens of giveaways at the same time!

During our charity live stream on November 4th 2023 we’ll be offering tons of giveaways and code drops. Throughout the 24 hour long stream, we’ll have a new giveaway every hour for viewers to enjoy. It’s going to be a fun night full of anticipating giveaways, chatting with the community, and raising as much money as possible! I really hope you choose to come by as just watching the stream can make a big difference in raising awareness. I wish you all the best in the giveaways, and if you have any questions DM me.

Thanks David Thompson & Troy Thompson (Stealth David & Stealth Troy).

Donate to help support this amazing charity, and test your luck in some giveaways!
Watch the stream on the 4th of November at my Twitch!
Follow me on Twitter for updates and reminders!
Huge thanks to the many publishers/developers that provided us with game codes.

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