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Posted by Stealth David   28th August 2023

Publisher = Eastasiasoft
Genre = Survival Horror
Price = £4.19
Difficulty of achievements = 1/10
Time taken to unlock all achievements = 45 minutes

The Red Exile - Survival Horror is an enthralling game, which is full of surprises from start to finish. For example, the realisation that The Red Exile - Survival Horror is a survival horror game shocked me as the game’s name gives nothing away. Honestly though, inclusions of an extensive skill point system and an ai powered murderer hunting players down were pleasant surprises that work to add depth to the spooky gameplay. The gameplay is not the only fear evoking aspect in the game as both the eerie sounds and blood red environments also serve to build up tension before an inevitable encounter with the murderer, who will kill and jump scare the player.

The Red Exile - Survival Horror’s gameplay consists of running through a procedurally generated map with the goal of grabbing crowbars to open locked doors, collecting five candles to end the game, and finding syringes to help evade the murderer. The killer learning from your past actions makes finishing the game a fierce challenge. However, players can receive skill points for doing well in an attempt. As a result, there are sixteen abilities available for players to unlock, which make the game slightly easier. In conclusion, the gameplay is fun and creating strategies to escape the always adapting killer is highly enjoyable.

Audio and Visuals
Both the audio and visuals create a very intense and scary atmosphere. The sound effects serve as a constant reminder of the murderer lurking about. Meanwhile, the red coloured rooms solidify tension in players due to it reminding players of blood. However, one negative of both the audio and visuals is that they both get repetitive to see and hear.

Achievement Hunting
The Red Exile offers an incredibly easy 1000g for players to earn. The twelve achievements are cumulative and only require visiting three hundred rooms, collecting twenty-five candles, opening 36 blocked doors with a crowbar, and buying three perks with skill points (one skill point is earned by placing three candles in the pentagram). Despite being grindy, the achievements are still very fun to hunt due to the unpredictable and enthralling gameplay. Finally, The Red Exile doesn’t overstay its welcome as it takes less than an hour to unlock all achievements.

The Red Exile - Survival Horror is both the scariest horror game and least scary horror game I have played recently. The first hour of The Red Exile - Survival Horror provides some of the tensest gameplay and frightening atmosphere, which I have seen in recent horror games. However, the lack of a variety of enemies, jumpscares, and maps eventually lead to all scares becoming predictable and not scary. Fortunately, the actual gameplay, which involved strategizing to outsmart the enemy’s AI and experimenting with different skill perks, remained fun throughout the entirety of my play time. In conclusion, The Red Exile - Survival Horror is a very good survival horror game with a lot of good ideas, but it is an incredibly short experience.

The Red Exile - Survival Horror = 4/5

Written by StealthDavid
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