My Favourite Easy Gamerscore Games

Five short games that provide Gamerscore but are also really fun!

Posted by Stealth David   6th May 2023


Currently, there is a large quantity of games for achievement hunters to play to get a lot of gamerscore. However, what are the most enjoyable games to give out gamerscore? Despite extremely quick completions being a fun way to compete with others for the most gamerscore, they often struggle to motivate players to keep playing due to there being no more achievements to earn. As a result, the five games compiled on this list are just a few of the hidden gems, which will provide a ton of fun and keep you playing on top of getting you gamerscore.


Neon Souls

Publisher = Ratalaika Games
Developer = Pickles Entertainment
Price = £4.99
Genre = Platformer
Gamerscore = 1000g in 20 minutes

Neon Souls is a fast-paced platformer with the core gameplay revolving around the player's jumps releasing paint that covers the level. This paint will reveal obstacles, the path forward, platforms, the end of the level, and more. Neon Souls features 50 quickfire but challenging levels and 4 bosses, which both scale in difficulty.

Neon Souls takes the concept of a leap of faith and runs with it. Painting the obstacle course is a mechanic that rewards the player for taking their time. Upon failure of a level a player has not much reason to be frustrated due to on repeat attempts having more knowledge of the level’s layout, which means they can play through it faster. Having the levels in Neon Souls be short challenges also helps to prevent the gameplay from becoming frustrating. Both the visuals and animations are colourful and vibrant to say the least. In conclusion, it is one of those games that platformer fans like me will likely love to bits and find it to be addicting. 


Peachy Boy

Publisher = Weakfish Studio
Developer = 909games
Price = £4.19
Genre = Puzzle, Platformer
Gamerscore = 1000g in 15 minutes

Peachy Boy is an incredibly unique platformer due to the rotating level mechanic that each level is designed around. Players can choose whether they want to move/jump towards the exit or if they should rotate/fall towards the exit. New mechanics such as sticky algae, spikes, and falling rocks keep the game interesting till the very end. The game’s visuals and animations are both pleasing and cute. Each of the 30 levels in Peachy Boy are self-contained small bursts of fun.

Peachy Boy’s achievements only ask the player to beat 10/30 of the game’ levels. These 10 levels provide a taste for the fun that the game offers, but the later levels offer even more new enjoyable gameplay. Peachy Boy does what it sets out to achieve. Beating the 30 levels is a noticeably short experience but is also a positive stress-free experience. The game does not overstay its welcome.


Unichrome: A 1-bit Unicorn Adventure.

Publisher = TERNOX
Developer = Super8bitRafa
Price = £12.49
Genre = Run & Gun
Gamerscore = 3000g in 2 hours

Unichrome is a run and gun game but with a little bit of other genres sprinkled in. The game begins by introducing the hilarious story, which is unveiled slightly after every short and sweet level. The levels are designed to encourage exploration with them being linear yet still having secrets. Furthermore, the game's difficulty is perfect, being hard but fair. The game also features retro 8-bit graphics harkening back to consoles of old and features amazing tunes. In conclusion, there is a little bit of everything in Unichrome, meaning there is something to love for everyone.

Unichrome takes 2 hours for 3000 gamerscore. The base game is an enjoyable and easy time thanks to in game cheats. Using a guide, you can net the base completion, an addiction to the music, and a smile from the hilarious story all in an hour. The inclusion of two title updates at the time of writing and potential for more updates in the future provides a great excuse to revisit Unichrome: A 1-bit Unicorn Adventure.


One Step After Fall

Publisher = The Bergson's Games Studios
Developer = TBGS Indie Studio
Price = £4.19
Genre = Adventure, Horror
Gamerscore = 2000g in 15 minutes

One Step After Fall is a narrative adventure game which tells an emotional story regarding depression. The player must traverse an atmospheric horror and eerie environment as they gather the pieces of the protagonist’s past. The game leaves the player to their own devices as they find the path to either a good or bad ending depending on whether the player finds all the notes, which elaborate on the story. To conclude, One Step After Fall is a very emotional game. Whether it is the chilling atmosphere, sense of loneliness through the absence of music, or sad story that leaves an impact on you, the game will certainly stick in your mind long after the credits.

While playing One Step After Fall, the game will suck you into the narrative adventure and make you forget your hunting achievements as you play. The Bergson's Games Studios has made a very heartfelt narrative game and actually makes the player experience the protagonist’s entire tear felt story. At the time of writing, One Step After Fall has three stacks with 2000 gamerscore in each. The publisher’s dedication to providing more gamerscore to the same game through stacks and title updates shows a large commitment to providing ways for new achievement hunters to get enough gamerscore to both compete in and enjoy the hobby of achievements.


Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival

Publisher = Brinemedia
Developer = Brinemedia
Price = £4.19
Genre = Action
Gamerscore = 3000g in 20 minutes

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival is a highly fun and fast-paced game where you drive over zombies in a variety of vehicles. The game has a plethora of linear levels where the player must manage their vehicle’s health, boost, and ammo to be able to kill all the zombies and avoid having their vehicle explode. To help beat levels players must earn money to be able to afford new upgrades and vehicles.

Despite the core gameplay being simplistic, Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival is addicting. While only needing to play for 20 minutes to get the 2000 gamerscore the game offers at the time of writing, it had me playing hours past getting all the achievements. This is because the visuals and animations are fantastic. Animations are incredibly smooth, protruding, and dramatic. Visuals are beautifully colourful and vibrant. The gameplay, visuals, and animations in Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival all combine to scream a tone of pure wacky fun.


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Stealth David 08 Aug 2023 19:36:27

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival now has 3000g that can be obtained in twenty minutes!
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