Extra Life 2022

Raising money for charity!

Posted by Stealth David   30th September 2022

Extra Life 2022
Raising money for charity!

Extra Life 2022 will be taking place on Saturday 5th November 2022. We hope to help bring more awareness towards Extra Life as it is a great charity, which is trying to help sick and terminally ill children. During Extra Life 2022, we’ll be streaming for 24 hours. Furthermore, to show our gratitude to those helping grow awareness for Extra Life (through watching the stream or donating to the charity) we’ll be doing 100+ giveaways during the 24 hours. Donators to Extra Life also get entered into donator only giveaways. Winners can select any game they want from our list of games we offer! The stream will be from 6am GMT on the 5th of November and ends 24 hours later.

Help grow awareness for Extra Life, and enjoy 100+ game giveaways during our charity stream!
During our charity live stream on November 5th 2022 we’ll be offering tons of giveaways/code drops. Throughout the 24 hour long stream, we’ll have a new giveaway every 15-30 minutes for viewers to enjoy. It’s going to be a fun night full of anticipating giveaways, chatting with the community, and raising as much money as possible! I really hope you choose to come by. I wish you all the best in the giveaways, and if you have any questions DM me.

Our Extra Life charity stream will be streamed on our Twitch.
Giveaway winners can pick any game from this list (This list is constantly being updated)

Extra Life donor only giveaway bundles!
If you enter a high tier giveaway, you’ll be entered into all lower tiers. For example, donating £20 will enter you into the £5 giveaway bundle, £10 giveaway bundle, and £20 giveaway bundle. These bundles will be listed below and if you win there is a high value of games for your money. However, lose or win the giveaways you’ll still have been helping sick/terminally ill children.

Donate to help support an amazing charity, and test your luck in some giveaways.
Follow me on Twitter for updates to our giveaway prizes.

Here is a list of all the giveaway bundles we offer to our Extra Life donors.
Each bundle will have 1 winner, which will be drawn on 6th November 2022 (The day after our 24 hour live stream)


$5 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games… (Winner ThunderCL0UD)!
League of Enthusiastic Losers 
Starlight Shores 
Mothmen 1966 
Bones of Halloween

$10 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games… (Winner NBG Monkey)!
Rivals of Aether 
Wobbly Life 
Silenced: The House 
Hundred Bullets 
Indigo 7 Quest of Love 
Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM 
Sleepin' Guy Deluxe Edition

$25 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games… (Winner ZW_)!
Wobbly Life 
Checkers for Kids 
Rivals of Aether 
Mars Horizon 
Indigo 7 Quest of Love 
Hundred Bullets 
Silenced: The House 
Perfect Traffic 
Youtubers Life 2

$50 donation bundle includes the following 37 Xbox codes for games published by Ratalaika… (Winner Phantasy Zebra)!
A Frog's Job
Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy
Roar of Revenge
The Dark Prophecy
Super Sunny Island
Arena of Tanks
Roll The Cat
Avenging Spirit
Dungeon Slime Collection
Long Live The Queen
Road to Death
Parasite Pack
Seasons of The Wolf
The Wizard and The Slug
Remote Life
Dragonflame High School Collection
Dandy and Randy
Castle Formers
Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook
Wild West Crops
Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition
Royal Frontier
Cosmos Bit
Moto Roader MC
Blackberry Honey
The Song Out of Space
Super Onion Boy 2
Kansei: The Second Turn

$100 donation bundle includes the following Xbox games and Merchandise… (Winner Larvi)!
Hungry Shark Merchandise (Includes Water Bottle, Towel, Pin, Pen, Socks, bag, and Flag)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege Ultimate Edition 
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway
Lego Bricktales  
Wobbly Life
Lonesome Village 
Hundred Bullets 
Madness Beverage 
Youtubers Life 2
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
Tracks - The Train Set Game
Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi
Streets of Rage 4

(for queries or to claim a prize DM StealthDavid on Twitch/Twitter).

Huge thanks to the many publishers/developers that provided us with these games. Remember you can also show your support by watching the November 5th charity stream! During the 24-hour stream, there'll be tons of giveaways for everyone to enter, because just watching raises awareness for Extra Life!

Thanks David Thompson & Troy Thompson (Stealth David & Stealth Troy).

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