The Top 5 Best Games Published By Xitilon!

What Are The Best Games From Xitilon?

Posted by Stealth David   22nd February 2022


Xitilon is an indie publisher responsible for many of the shortest game completions. However, this list of the top 5 Xitilon’s games shows those titles worth playing for a truly immersive/enjoyable experience and not only the easy gamerscore. Furthermore, every game on this list is £4.19 or less. I’ve rated the following games in comparison to other indie titles. Please remember this list is only my opinion, and I’d love to know your favourites in the comments. 

Number 5: Bullet Beat

Price = £4.19
Genre = Shoot ‘em up

Bullet Beat is a fast paced shoot ‘em up, featuring 8 levels and 3 game modes. The music is plentiful and unique, flowing well with the gameplay. Unfortunately, Bullet Beat’s content provides little to do, and the game’s combo system wasn’t in-depth enough to keep you wanting to play for higher scores. As a result, Bullet Beat’s content is an extremely fun hour before becoming slightly repetitive. In conclusion, Bullet Beat is great, just expect it to end quickly.

Bullet Beat is very enjoyable yet is short. Everything from the fantastic music, engaging gameplay, and exciting power ups become stale after you’ve experienced all 8 levels. I feel I’d have enjoyed the additional gamemodes more if they featured more power ups and enemy types to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. In conclusion, I loved Bullet Beat, which is why I’m so disappointed with the short length.


Number 4: Smart Moves

Price = £4.19
Genre = Platformer and Puzzle

Smart Moves is a strategy puzzle game with pixel art graphics. The gameplay consists of traversing linear levels while defeating enemies and collecting items. Turn-based combat encourages strategic navigation across levels. Furthermore, levels have a trial-and-error dynamic allowing you to retry puzzles with one button press. The game slowly introduces new gameplay mechanics, which help to keep the gameplay formula interesting for the player. In conclusion, Smart Moves combines genres brilliantly to make a great game for a large audience.

Smart Moves is a unique puzzle game as I usually dislike puzzle games. However, Smart Moves designs their puzzles around the level layout. As a result, the game does become linear, but it doesn’t feel linear because there are many red herrings to divert you. Furthermore, new enemies and obstacles keep the gameplay fun and engaging.

Number 3: 2 Synchro Hedgehogs

Price = £4.19
Genre = Platformer and Puzzle

My favourite part of 2 Synchro Hedgehogs was the puzzles. The puzzles' level design and multiple character movement merge brilliantly to create some really enjoyable challenges, which include both platforming and strategy elements! Furthermore, enthralling music plays in the background of every stage, and I loved the variety included. In conclusion, the game was generally a treat to play, and every stage was short and sweet. Fans of Puzzle games and Platformer games alike should definitely try playing 2 Synchro Hedgehogs for themselves!

2 Synchro Hedgehogs is a pixel-art puzzle style platformer with 33 levels to complete. This being the sequel to the first Synchro Hedgehogs game, it boasts improvement to the already great level design of the previous titles. The game’s goal is simple, control 2 characters simultaneously while collecting all fruit to win the stage. This is quite unique from the usual reach the exit formula of similar games. In conclusion, simple controls and well-designed puzzles allow both young and older gamers have an enjoyable experience.

Number 2: Castle of no Escape

Price = £4.19
Genre = Roguelite

Castle of no Escape is an action-adventure game, which will have you traverse a castle with a wonderful retro ascetic. Your goal is to collect treasures and upgrades to aid in defeating the final boss. Castle of no Escape cleverly implements both strategy and adventure to create an enjoyable experience, which will test your gaming skills. Will you escape the castle?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Castle of no Escape thanks to its exploration and strategic gameplay. Although lacking in visuals the castle is incredibly fun to strategically navigate. Furthermore, the RNG makes adapting your strategy particularly important to survive, and RNG also improves Castle of no Escape’s replayability. Completing Castle of no Escape isn’t easy, but it is a very rewarding challenge to conclude the fun/engaging journey experienced.

Number 1: 50 Years

Price = £4.19
Genre = Strategy and Turn Based
Rating = 9/10
Rating Reason = A very unique strategy game with an intriguing/engaging twist on Turn Based gameplay!

50 Years is a fast-paced strategy game with turn-based gameplay. Your goal is to simply defend your village for 50 years from dangerous enemies. Although, the game is short, you’ll have to spent time mastering the in-depth battle system if you wish to win. Furthermore, the vast unit selection encourages strategizing beforehand, and it allows for replayability. In conclusion, 50 Years will test your plan making skills but with patience you’ll succeed.

50 Years is an incredible strategy game with a vast amount of strategizing needed to win. However, the short length of 50 Years helps to encourage trial and error, and it promotes plan making. For example, at the beginning of the game you’ll have to choose 1 of 8 perks. These perks allow you to adapt your strategies from your knowledge of what worked for you. I love 50 Years so much because the in-depth gameplay is difficult yet fun to master.

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Written by Troy Thompson (20/12/21).
Thanks, Xitilon for providing some of the games on this list.


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