The Top 5 Best Games Published By Ratalaika Games!

What Are The Best Games From Ratalaika?

Posted by Stealth David   26th December 2021


Ratalaika Games is an indie publisher responsible for many easy game completions. However, many of their games are overlooked as just quick gamerscore and not as the diverting games they are. Making a list of the top 5 Ratalaika Games’ titles is tough because so many games they publish offer short lasting but fun times. Furthermore, each of their titles are incredibly cheap with most being around £5. Please remember this list is only my opinion, and I’d love to know your favourites in the comments.

Number 5: Don’t Touch this Button!

Price = £4.99
Genre = Puzzle

Don’t Touch this Button is a puzzle game inspired by Portal. In which you’ll solve 65 short tests. To solve these challenges, you’ll need to use buttons, switches, reverse psychology, and more buttons. However, which buttons you press could be the difference from life or death. The game isn’t too difficult for any skill range but will require some trial and error. In conclusion, Don’t Touch this Button is a fun and accessible puzzle game that everyone should give a try.

Firstly, I’m going to say I don’t typically like puzzle games. However, Don’t Touch this Button surprised me by being immensely enjoyable. I think the reason for this is because the puzzles are small enough that mistakes don’t punish you much. Furthermore, if you get stuck you can use trial and error. Don’t Touch this Button has some great music, but I feel more variety in songs would be nice. Also, the song they use doesn’t fit with the game’s atmosphere, in my opinion. In conclusion, Don’t Touch this Button might surprise you if you give it the chance.

Number 4: Concept Destruction

Price = £4.99
Genre = Vehicle Combat

Concept Destruction is a destruction focused driving game developed by Thinice Games. The game offers 3 enticing game modes: normal mode, be the last car not utterly destroyed; survival mode, survive an onslaught of attacks; and tourism mode, a sandbox full of destruction. The core premise across the board is to destroy cars and survive. However, the CPU is quite dynamic, encouraging the use of the map designs to navigate to safety. Furthermore, the game has a decent variety of maps and cars to mix up the gameplay. Concept Destruction has pleasing cardboard aesthetics and loud fast paced music to complement the high action gameplay. In conclusion, Concept Destruction is an impeccably enjoyable game but unfortunately has a lack of content.

I enjoyed Concept Destruction because it’s quite unique from other driving games. The core gameplay is fantastic and destroying enemy vehicles is very fun. However, the fun is short lived due to the lack of content. Concept Destruction also has very creative and artistic visuals, which were amazing but needed a tad more polish. In conclusion, the game is a very short yet very fun, racing game.

Number 3: Duck Souls+

Price = £4.99
Genre = Platformer

Duck Souls+ is a fast-paced platformer (rage game) with 100+ short yet difficult levels. Every few levels new mechanics and obstacles are introduced to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging. Furthermore, the game is full of funny jokes and references to give moments of respite between challenges. However, the icing on the Duck must be the beautiful visuals, the elegant animations, and the exhilarating music. Duck Souls+ might be a short game, yet it’s an extremely enthralling experience.

I love Duck Souls+ because it was consistently addicting and rewarding. The game’s character always felt smooth and responsive, making every death happen because of my mistakes. Furthermore, the new mechanics introduced as I progressed always kept an element of anticipation and challenge in every level. Duck Souls+ has 2 difficulties: casual mode, which includes checkpoints preventing players from frustration while keeping the fun challenge; and hard mode, a brutal difficulty with short levels making the lack of checkpoints a difficult but fair task. Both modes feel good to overcome, and the game’s funny jokes and cosmetic hats act as great rewards at the end of a level. In conclusion, Duck Souls+ is a must buy at its stupidly low price.

Number 2: Rabisco+

Price = £4.99
Genre = Top-Down view as you avoid obstacles

Rabisco+ is a platformer type game with a top-down view. The game takes inspiration from the World’s Hardest Game. Rabisco+ is a challenging game also. However, the arty and colourful aesthetics compliment the beautiful calming music making for a remarkably relaxing experience. A core part of the game is allowing players to take their time. This allows the player to have moments of respite before a difficult segment, adding to the relaxed environment. In conclusion, Rabisco+ is a unique and content-filled enjoyable experience.

I loved Rabisco+ because it evens out it's difficult gameplay with relaxing music, cute visuals, and the opportunities to take your time in a level. Furthermore, the gameplay is fantastic with many interesting mechanics being introduced as you progress. In conclusion, Rabisco+ is a very challenging yet fun game with a wonderful art style and great music.

Number 1: LoveChoice

Price = £4.99
Genre = Visual Novel
Rating = 9/10

LoveChoice is an interactive visual novel developed by Akaba Studio. The game has 3 short stories each with multiple paths and endings to make the story your own. Every story is about relationships and love: story 1 is about compromise and resolving problems, story 2 is about being separated from your love, and story 3 is about being there for each other. Furthermore, the stories are all beautifully conveyed through some of the best emotional music I’ve heard in an indie game. In conclusion, if you like visual novels, you can’t go wrong with this amazing narrative experience.

Ratalaika Games has published many visual novels, but none tell a beautiful and interactive story better than LoveChoice. The story told about relationships conveys a lovely, sweet message, and the characters are relatable enough that you become emotional to the events unfolding. Furthermore, the cute art style and sorrowful music convey so much emotion to help empathise with the tone of the game. I’ve kept it vague on purpose because out of every game on this list, LoveChoice is a must play for its tale of love or its tale of loneliness. The choice is yours!

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Written by Troy Thompson (20/12/21).
Thanks, Ratalaika Games for providing some of the games on this list.

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