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Posted by Stealth David   9th July 2021

Publisher = Eastasiasoft
Developer = LightUP, and Ratalaika Games
Release date = 30th June 2021
Genre = Puzzle
Platforms = Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch
Price = £4.19
Difficulty = 3/10


Mina and Michi is a top-down puzzle game, which introduces new mechanics as you play. Mina
and Michi are best friends and love adventure. Eastasiasoft have published another relaxing 1000
Gamerscore, with other difficulty modes available for more experienced players. Players can
choose how the world looks by choosing their favourite season. You play in many seasons: the icy
cold Winter, the warm but energetic Summer, the peaceful and calm Autumn, and the beautiful
and lively Spring. The world is packed to the brim of mind-stretching puzzles, which can lead to
upgrades for Mina and Michi. It also has a Co-op mode, which is a fantastic alternative way to

Gameplay, visuals, and animations.

Gameplay. 7/10

Mina and Michi provide mindless fun gameplay and mind-gripping puzzles. The main mechanic of
this game is that you control both Mina and Michi simultaneously. This felt unnecessary other than
a few occasions. However, this game excels at the wonderfully relaxing puzzles around the pretty
world. Mina and Michi includes a metroidvania feel as you can collect optional health and attack
upgrades along the way. This helps break the repetitiveness of puzzles with exploring a magical
world with many secrets. Boss fights are easy, but bosses do provide a feeling of satisfaction when

Visuals (8/10), animations (6/10) and music (7/10).

Animations were elementary and nothing spectacular. They weren’t terrible but didn’t do anything
to stand out. However, the visuals passed all expectations with beautiful environments, and the
ability to choose the season and weather was genius. The music was calm and relaxing for a
while, but the songs do get repetitive after some time. The world is just immersive and you just
can’t stop playing once you’ve started. It might be short but Mina and Michi is a lovely game with
quality over quantity.


With a guide this game is a fun and simple completion. It only takes approximately 15 minutes so
just relax and enjoy this beautiful, well-crafted game. Easy mode provides an easier 1000
Gamerscore, but other modes are available. The achievements mostly unlock naturally as you
work towards defeating the first 2 bosses. However, the boss fights are not very difficult. In
conclusion, Mina and Michi is a relaxing and peaceful game.

Gamerscore = 1000g
Completion time = 15 minutes
Completion difficulty = 1/10

My thoughts.

The idea behind Mina and Michi is good. However, controlling 2 characters simultaneously was not
as fun as I had hoped. This mechanic did not seem necessary, and the games world would be just
as magical without it. Other than that, this game is amazing and is worth a purchase if you enjoy
puzzle games or want an easy completion. It also has a relaxing feel to it as you wander the
beautiful world created by LightUP, and Ratalaika Games. You are not rushed to progress, and
you can explore at your own pace. I loved all the visuals and music. Although, animations were a
little too simplistic. I would recommend Mina and Michi.

This is one of the most relaxing games of its type, and it provides harder difficulties for players who
want a challenge. The seasons and areas in Mina and Michi were brilliantly designed and fun to
explore. Whether you are shooting, pushing, or thinking through puzzles, the answer is always in
reach. How you solve them is up to you: eliminate enemies for safety, explore for new upgrades to
aid you, push and shove your way to the exit, or die countless times knowing you can push past
the enemies with a bit of skill. Eastasiasoft commonly publishes enjoyable but easy completions.
Mina and Michi is no exception (it can provide 1000 Gamerscore in just about 15 minutes). The
length of the game is a little short, but for the price it cannot hurt to give it a try. In my opinion, Co-
op is the best way to play, but single player is a blast for those just looking for some mindless fun.

Rating = 70/100


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Mina and Michi trailer.

Achievement walkthrough.

Mina and Michi all achievements walkthrough

Reviewed by Troy Thompson. 7/07/21

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