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Posted by Stealth David   22nd July 2021

Gaps by POWGI.

Publisher = Lightwood Games
Developer = Lightwood Games
Release date = 21 July 2021
Genre = Puzzle
Platforms = Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox
Price = £6.69
Difficulty = 4/10 (without guide)
Completion difficulty = 1/10 (with guide)


Gaps by POWGI is another classic puzzle game we all love coming to consoles. A simple gap
will send you on a mind-gripping adventure as you strategically guess to fill in a word. Puzzles
can be short but sweet or a challenging but rewarding endeavour. Enter a complicated and
humorous world of puzzle madness. Enjoy an undistracting puzzler with jokes to reward players
for their determination. Gaps by POWGI although a simple game will either send you hurdling
down many exhilarating hoops to a solution, or Gaps by POWGI can be kind and forgiving with
a helpful hint system. No matter how you play, Gaps by POWGI will provide a challenging but
incredibly fun time.


Gaps by POWGI will have you tactically using trial and error to complete puzzles. Each puzzle
has an empty word that you must fill in by finding gaps in other words. Each gap corresponds to
a letter in the solution. By combining these gaps you get the answer to the puzzle. It seems
complicated at first but once you start playing you’ll be having a blast while playing levels. The
puzzles will both challenge and reward you in 150 brilliant puzzles. Gaps by POWGI might be
challenging but it is also extremely relaxing. The hint system provides help for those who need it
and the music is peaceful and calming.

Visuals, Sound, and Animations.

Animations are not in Gaps by POWGI because this game prioritizes the tactically approached
gameplay. Visuals also are extremely simplistic and promote the focus onto the fantastic
puzzles. Unfortunately, the music wasn’t as plentiful as I had hoped. However, the music that
was there was calm and relaxing and went well with the gameplay.

My Thoughts.

Gaps by POWGI is a unique twist to the POWGI game series as it relies on a trial-and-error
formula. Many puzzle games fail to provide a satisfying trial-and-error gameplay structure but
Gaps by POWGI succeeds by combining a healthy amount of strategy into the mix. I loved the
jokes and the quantity of levels in the game. During my completion I did not feel stressed as the
game contains a brilliantly implemented hint system and filling out puzzles is just pure fun.
Achievement hunters will enjoy an easy completion with a relaxing experience. The simplicity
might put off players, but puzzle fans will love Gaps by POWGI for its nostalgic and charming
puzzles. Although this game is not always easy, I found myself always pushing forward thanks
to how enjoyable the game is. In my opinion, Gaps by POWGI shows that sometimes a game
does not have to be complex to be a fantastic mind-twisting puzzle game.


Completion difficulty = 1/10
Completion time = 25-35 minutes
Gamerscore = 1000 Gamerscore

Lightwood Games has created another easy but engaging puzzle completion. Enjoy a relaxing
and simplistic 30-minute 1000 Gamerscore. Gaps by POWGI is an interesting, unique, and
challenging puzzle game with trial-and-error gameplay. Finding and combining gaps makes the
solution for each level. Achievement hunters can easily complete Gaps by POWGI while using a
guide, but I would recommend attempting some puzzles on your own to enjoy the full
experience. The completion consists of 50 puzzles to solve and some humorous, simple,
miscellaneous achievements.


Gaps by POWGI provides a crazy fun gameplay structure that allows for 150 brilliant puzzles to
sink your teeth into: climb, fall, try, fail, and succeed through a maze of thoughts and
tribulations. Simplicity is key to the undistracted puzzle mania. Enjoy funny jokes and moments
of respite in every captivating level. Although Gaps by POWGI can be challenging, listening to
the beautiful and peaceful music helps relax the player. Once again, this game has a fantastic
hint system to guide players. Gaps by POWGI is a relaxing completion with a lot of enticing fun
inside. Escape into the magical and addictive world of puzzles once more with Gaps by POWGI
for only $7.99.

Gaps by POWGI final score = 77/100
Hours of brain-teasing puzzles await.

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Reviewed by Troy Thompson. 18/07/21.
Game code provided by Lightwood Games for review purposes.

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