Bridge Constructor Portal Review

An In-Depth Look at Bridge Constructor Portal

Posted by Stealth David   15th July 2021

Bridge Constructor Portal.

Publisher = Headup Games
Developer = Clockstone STUDIO
Release date = 28 February 2018
Genre = Simulation, and Puzzle
Platforms = Steam, Google play, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch
Price = £11.99
Difficulty = 5/10 without guide
Completion difficulty = 3/10
Completion time = 15-20 hours
Available on Xbox Game Pass.


Clockstone STUDIO has intertwined the Bridge Constructor mechanics with the complex portal
mayhem from the Portal series. Experience 60 extravagant test chambers with many old
Aperture Science equipment returning. Glados, voiced by Ellen McLain, returns with hilarious
and clever remarks before every level. Enjoy beautifully adaptive music as you attempt puzzles
and hear pleasant sounds effects past and new. Watch detailed and funny animations and
experience the nostalgic visuals. Build bridges to blast past turrets, lasers, and portals to reach
the exit.

Gameplay, Visuals, Sound, and Animations.

Gameplay. 10/10

Bridge Constructor Portal is a simulation puzzle game, which tasks you to build bridges with a
limited number of resources. Aperture Laboratories provides the player with bridges and rope.
Glados provides some help, although not much, to aid you in building a sturdy bridge for the test
subjects to get across. The Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Centre has little
regard for employees. Most test subjects will suffer from a range of painful deaths. It is up to you
to ensure the survival of the test subjects. Build sturdy bridges to minimise the destruction.
However, turrets and lasers should be carefully approached to avoid explosions. You use many
different past Portal gadgets such as companion cubes, repulsion gel, propulsion gel, and
portals. 60 brain-teasing levels await you with each being different from the last.

Visuals. 7/10

Bridge Constructor Portal is visually stunning. It boasts a simplistic but nostalgic foreground and
a vast background, that takes inspiration from the second portal game, with a slightly more
complex style. I had expected a little more detail in the visuals of the game. The style is a little
too faithful to the classic portal games. Although, if it ain’t broke don't fix it.

Animations. 9/10

The animations are one of the many fun parts of the Bridge Constructor series. Fortunately,
Portal mechanics have only enhanced the animations. This is because the cars flow smoothly,
and you can easily spot the mistake in your construction as a result. Cars speed up and slow
down depending on if you are going upwards or downwards creating an element of
unpredictability. There are many small details to the animations: acid deaths result in the test
vehicle immediately disintegrating, test subjects shatter into pieces when met with an exploding
vehicle, and subjects fall at an alarming pace of the screen when dealing with stressful vehicles
speeds. These are just a few subtle details in the game's animations.

Sound. 9/10

One of the best things about the classic Portal games was Glados. Glados returns in Bridge
Constructor Portal voiced again by Ellen McLain, and Glados still has all her charm and
wittiness. She helps break the pacing of the puzzles with her hilarious comments she makes
after each of the 60 levels. For example, in the sixth test chamber Glados helpfully states “The
advice for this test chamber is as follows: Build a [bzzwllzzzsrrllwwwwt] so that
[wwwwbzzzlllzzzzzt] ...mber exit. Very simple.” The music is fantastic and conveys the
gameplay greatly. The soundtrack has a few gems, and I particularly loved the driving music.
This is because the fast-paced music corresponds well with the chaos in pursuit of the test
subject. The music is plentiful and doesn't get repetitive. Sound effects are wonderfully smooth,
and all the returning Aperture Science equipment is filled with nostalgically beautiful sounds
from the classic games. Other sound effects were satisfying and pleasant to listen to.

My Thoughts.

In my opinion, Bridge Constructor Portal is one of my favourite puzzle games. This is because
bridges are fun to build, and simulating is full of smooth flowing beautiful animations with small
fun details. I also loved listening to the energetic driving music as all my test subjects died. Most
of the music was wonderful but the driving music and building music were my favourite. After a
challenging level nothing is better than some funny dialogue from Glados. The visuals were
faithful to the Portal series. Unfortunately, they got a bit repetitive after a while. I normally dislike
puzzle games, but the way Bridge Constructor Portal shows your progression is convenient and
enjoyable. The great music and funny dialogue helped break the pacing of the puzzles, and all
the new Aperture Science equipment works brilliantly with Bridge Constructor mechanics. The
game is on Xbox Game Pass, and it is also quite cheap to buy. I would recommend trying the
game out if you enjoy Portal, Bridge Constructor, puzzle games, or want to try something new. I
hope you enjoy Bridge Constructor Portal as much as I did.


An enjoyable completion is provided by Bridge Constructor Portal. Although a longer
completion, completing this game is an enriching and rewarding experience. Puzzles are just
the right amount of trial and error because the simulation provides an accurate idea of errors.
Prepare for a hectic and chaotic blast with plenty of fun sprinkled on top. The main objective for
those wanting more than just the base game are the convoys. Convoys are optional objectives
in which multiple vehicles cross your bridges at once. Convoys serve as an extra challenge to
succeeding Aperture Laboratory employees, and convoys are the main source of achievements.
However, with a guide the game becomes a little tedious and boring. I strongly recommend
struggling and persisting through this engaging puzzle game without a guide to appreciate the
finer details within the game.


Clockstone STUDIO has adapted the brilliant mind-scratching Bridge Constructor gameplay into
the immersive realm of Portal. Build, fall, crumble, explode, incinerate, crash, and eventually
succeed in 60 different exciting and interesting levels. Glados returns to aid in the use of the
Aperture Science equipment. As a result, constructing bridges has never been more dangerous
as Glados is blasé towards the death of test subjects. Returning to the test chambers is
nostalgic, and the visuals still look beautiful. Ellen McLain performed brilliantly as Glados, and
the music reflected the gameplay greatly. The animations were pure fun as things crashed and
exploded in front of you. I loved Bridge Constructor Portal and for an amazing puzzle game the
cheap price is generous. Xbox Game Pass provides another way to play this game if you are
still not convinced to buy it.

Bridge Constructor Portal final score = 94/100
Constructing bridges has never been so fun.

Bridge Constructor Portal - Portal Proficiency (DLC).

Everything you need to know about Bridge Constructor Portal - Portal

Release date = 12 November 2019
Completion time = 5-6 hours


Returning to The Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Centre will task you to
complete 30 new enticing levels. These additional levels are harder, and a more strategic
approach to them is advised. Glados is no longer around to not help you, but all the best
shockingly dangerous Aperture Science equipment returns. The introduction of placeable
portals brings an impactful twist on the Bridge Constructor Portal formula. Convoys also return
creating new challenges on each level. Placeable portals create more ways to solve levels and
provides a more strategic gameplay loop.

Additional content.

Placeable portals create multiple ways to complete each level, but you must be tactical and
exact with portal placements and bridge design. How you choose to build your bridges will
determine if they collapse under the weight of the convoys or if they will succeed. Succeeding in
any of the 30 magical and well-designed levels is still ridiculously fun and satisfying to do.
Convoys return for an additional challenge. Although, the dlc has a huge difficulty spike that
players can enjoy and tackle. However, newer players might struggle to beat these newer
levels. If you enjoyed the manic Bridge Constructor Portal gameplay this is more of the same
with a new strategic twist.

My thoughts.

Bridge Constructor Portals base game was fantastic with only a couple of little flaws. However,
this dlc changes little to induce the players to return, and the dlc removes the funny dialogue
from Glados. Fortunately, the additional 30 remarkably unsafe levels are as fun and crazy as
they should be. More experienced players will enjoy a more strategic puzzle solving experience
with the new inclusion of placeable portals and a harder difficulty. However, new players may
struggle with the difficulty spike. The placeable portals change how players attempt puzzles
adding a new twist to the formula. With a more tactical and strategic element, finishing levels is
a rewarding feat. Placeable portals are a lovely addition to play with in 30 new well-crafted
levels. I loved this dlc and recommend it to those who want a more challenging Bridge
Constructor experience.
Bridge Constructor Portal - Portal Proficiency final score = 90/100
More of an already amazing game.


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Reviewed by Troy Thompson. 09/07/21
Game code provided by Headup Games for review purposes.

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