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Posted by Stealth David   26th June 2021

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Mighty Aphid

Xbox One

Mighty Aphid.

Publisher = Chilidog Interactive
Developer = Cascadia Games
Release date = 25/06/21
Genre = run and gun and platformer
Platforms = Xbox, PlayStation and Switch
Price = £4.19
Difficulty = 4/10
Size = 283MB
Digital, physical or both = Digital only


Mighty Aphid is a run and gun platformer developed by Cascadia Games and
published by Chilidog Interactive. You play as Aphid on a quest to defeat the cruel
and calculating Lady Bug, who is capturing innocent people using her own merciless
monster army. Aphid must face dangerous jumps and deadly enemies to help all
civilians in a level. Choose which of the 6 fantastically designed levels you will play
first. Upgrade Aphid by jumping, shooting and panicking past the boss of each stage.
Aphid can use these upgrades to defeat enemies and explore the detailed and
beautiful world even more.

Gameplay, visuals, audio and thoughts.


Aphid controls brilliantly and has an amazing set of moves. Mighty Aphid will take
you under water, above air, in caves and on land as you hold off the forces of evil. A
core element of this game is the shooting and it feels satisfying to defeat the well
animated and explicitly designed enemies. Each enemy feels unique and chilling in
battle. The second core element of Mighty Aphid is the exploration and platforming.
At first the task of finding about 7 captured civilians, in each stage, seems daunting
but as you improve your skills, upgrade Aphid and familiarise yourself to the magical
and compelling land you're in, you will rescue them all. Most of the fun of exploration
comes from the stunning visuals and good animations. As for the platforming, Aphid
will learn new skills and so will the enemies. This change will force Aphid to explore
slower as the levels get bigger and means of exploration expands. With these skills
comes larger jumps for Aphid to risk doing and more obstacles to manoeuvre past.

Visuals, animations and audio.

This game really nailed the visuals. Each level looks different from the last. The
simplicity of the background had a retro 2D game feel to it. However, the foreground
is presented in exhaustive detail. These both compliment each other wondrously and
the visuals continue to amaze all throughout the game. Animations were really good
and I feel they spent a lot of time going above and beyond on them. All of Aphids
animations are great and enemy animations fluctuated from being amazing to
average. The music followed the gameplay of Mighty Aphid closely. In dangerous
levels and boss fights the music would speed up, which gave a sense of dread and

My thoughts.

Mighty Aphid is packed full of beautiful visuals and a lovely adventure. This allows
for a pleasant experience exploring levels. However, some of the animations could
be improved to make the world more lived in. I also noticed that Aphid’s abilities
don’t do much in previous levels. For example, when you gain flight you can’t explore
level 1 with it. Surprisingly, you can choose what level to play first. This allows you to
switch levels if you are stuck or switch levels to get a different upgrade. Exploration
is quick and fun but in the underwater level you sink really slowly. Although, my
favourite level was the underwater stage (level 3) as you gain a useful upgrade,
defeat the best designed boss in the game and explore the best level with branching
paths and newly introduced challenges. Mighty Aphid is a fantastic reminder of how
good a 2D game can be.


Chilidog Interactive and Cascadia Games have once again blessed the achievement
hunting community with a cheat code. Although the code activates invincibility the
game still manages to be fun as you freely explore, collect gems and admire the
attention of detail in the visuals and animations. However, the cheat code makes this
a relaxing completion as you search for captives, obliterate bosses and accurately
jump over lava. The completion entails completing and defeating all 6 levels and
bosses in the game, which while being invincible is very easy. All civilians must be
saved in order to unlock the boss, which gives you a chance to explore and
backtrack the level looking for different paths.

Use the following code on the main menu of Mighty Aphid to unlock God mode
= up, up, down, down, up, up, right, left, left, right, x button (square button)

Gamerscore = 1000g
Completion time = 45 minutes with cheats
Completion difficulty = 1/10 with cheats


Mighty Aphid is daunting when you first begin exploring the world with its explicit
visuals and many features. However, Mighty Aphid is teeming with enjoyable
challenges, disquiet boss fights and powerful new upgrades to help you through.
Exploration is a blast using Mighty Aphid’s abilities, as you journey through all sorts
of beautiful looking terrain. Defeating enemies is a dangerous but rewarding process
because every enemy you don’t kill could sneak up on you. Animations vary in
quality but the visuals charm and amaze in every level. Although, Aphid and the
bosses have brilliant animations. The music adapts to the environment and situation
you're in. Eerily, the music informs you on when you're in a hectic dash to the end of
the level to gain a moment of respite or a blood-curdling fight where death is
inevitable. The game is an easy completion for all 1000 gamerscore and a fantastic
game to complete. Cascadia Games and Chilidog Interactive have done an amazing
job with Mighty Aphid and for the small price the game asks it begs to be brought.

Rating = 81/100


For gameplay on future Chilidog Interactive titles.

Mighty Aphid trailer.

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