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Posted by Stealth David   25th June 2021


Publisher = Ratalaika
Developer = Somepx
Release date = 25th June 2021
Genre = Puzzle
Platforms = Xbox and Nintendo Switch.
Price = $4.99
Difficulty = 3/10 without guide


Loopindex is a fantastic game teeming with enjoyable new mechanics being
introduced every few levels. These new mechanics keep the game interesting and
unpredictable. The gameplay consists of switching between 2 characters and helping
each progress to the exit of the stage. As you progress further into the game many
things will change. These changes massively spice up the excitement and
enjoyability of the game, some of these mechanics consist of moveable boxes,
cranes and much more, which I won't spoil the surprise.

Gameplay, visuals, audio and thoughts.

Although simple, the sound effects in Loopindex is where the audio shines.
Interactions make pleasing sounds, which are nice to hear. During levels the music
is overwhelmingly beautiful and relaxing. Overall, the music really complimented the
simple and calm visuals. However, the visuals were a little plain but this does help
you concentrate on reaching the forthcoming exit of the level.

Movement in this game is fast paced and this helps promote strategic thinking over
slow gameplay. This focus on puzzle solving allowed for amazing controls and new
mechanics. You make your way to the exit by switching from 2 characters. Each
character can teleport items, press buttons, open doors and much more to aid in
getting to the level complete screen.


Without a guide this game will probably take 1-2 hours depending on skill. However,
with a guide expect your usual easy under an hour completion from Ratalaika . The
achievements are all story related and provoke you to tactically solve 50 puzzles to
obtain 1000 gamerscore. I would recommend trying without a guide to fully be pulled
into this magical puzzle game. Although, if you just want a quick completion
Loopindex will provide the gamerscore you need.

Gamerscore = 1000g
Completion time = under 45 minutes
Completion difficulty = 1/10 with guide


Loopindex is an extraordinary puzzle game and I love how it changes as you
progress. This game can provide hours of fun as you struggle past all soughts of
obstacles listening to delightful music and appealing sound effects. It is another
wonderfully fun and easy completion for 1000 gamerscore. Loopindex is an amazing
thought-provoking game thanks to its fantastic level design. I highly recommend this
game to puzzle fans, achievement hunters and anyone willing to waste an afternoon
on some well crafted puzzles.
Rating = 95/100

Rating = 80/100


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