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Posted by Stealth David   24th June 2021

Escape sequence.

Publisher = Xitilon
Developer = Sid Fish Games
Release date = 30th June 2021
Genre = Puzzle
Platforms = Xbox and Windows
Price = $4.99
Difficulty = 6/10 without guide


Escape Sequence is a fun but short puzzle game, which will have you using
commands to move blocks and characters. This idea makes a creative and
interesting game. Levels progress in difficulty and although there are only 15 levels
they will keep your mind thinking for hours.

Gameplay, visuals, audio and thoughts.

This game has an amazing look with its simplistic but charming art style. The visuals
don't distract you from the puzzles, which helped me focus more as some of the later
levels are trickier. However, I never found myself overwhelmed due to the rudimental
controls and the redo move button. These helped the pacing of the game as I never
found myself getting stuck for too long. The gameplay consists of moving blocks to
control other humans, who will help you to complete the level. The concept of this
game is so unique there is no game like it.

In my opinion, I would strongly recommend this game for the price and it will give you
plenty of enjoyment. However, I would recommend playing for a little bit each day.
As the gameplay doesn't really change or add anything new. Fortunately, it did have
scaling in difficulty levels, which allows for hours of fun, as you scramble your way to
the level complete screen. This is a must buy for puzzle fans and achievement


This is another easy completion by Xitilon. The achievements are all simply obtained
by completing levels. With a guide this can be completed very quickly. The walking
speed is a bit slow, which makes the game a little longer but it shouldn’t be a
problem to complete in 25 minutes. The puzzles aren’t hard while using a guide and
you can get 2000 gamerscore if you complete the windows 10 and xbox versions of
Escape Sequence.
Gamerscore = 1000g
Completion time = 25 minutes
Completion difficulty = 2/10 with guide


Escape Sequence will have mind-boggling and engaging levels creating hours of fun
for those who want a challenge. It also aids people, who struggle, by introducing a
retry move button, which helps without taking away the satisfaction of completing the
level. This game allows for a fun experience for puzzle experts and those who aren’t
familiar with the genre. It also creates an enjoyable but short lasting journey for
achievement hunters. Escape Sequence truly is a magnificent and unique game and
I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

Rating = 79/100


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