Arkan: The dog Adventurer Review

Everything you need to know about Arkan: The dog adventurer!

Posted by Stealth David   28th June 2021

Arkan: The dog adventurer.

Publisher = Sometimes You
Developer = Taverna Game Studio
Release date = 30th June 2021
Genre = Platformer and pinball
Platforms = Xbox, Switch and PC
Price = £4.19
Difficulty = 5/10 depends on difficulty mode


Arkan: The dog adventurer is a platformer, mixed with some pinball, created by Taverna Game
Studio, and published by Sometimes You. You play as a dog called Arkan, who is on an adventure.
Travel through compelling forests, minacious desserts and the icy cold, unrelenting tundra. For
Arkan to survive these lands he must be prepared for dangers: evade and jump past lethal attacks,
murder enemies to gain a moment of respite, and send walls plummeting to the ground with
powerful strikes.

Gameplay, visuals, animations, and thoughts.


Arkan: The dog adventurer has an easy, normal, and hard mode. Each changes how you
experience the gameplay: easy mode is simple but fun, and hard mode is full of tense and
challenging moments. You use twin stick shooter controls to dribble a ball by jumping onto
platforms. The more you dribble the stronger the ball becomes and the quicker the precarious walls,
guarding stars and enemies, descend leaving the enemies vulnerable. Evade perilous attacks from
enemies by jumping around with feverish haste. More spine-chilling enemies are introduced as you
progress with newer and more murderous attacks. These new threats increase the fun as you must
tactically kill enemies to reduce risk of taking damage. Plenty of mindless fun and strategic
gameplay is included as there are 60 levels and 180 stars to collect.

Visuals and animations.

Visuals are pretty and pleasing to look at but do get a bit repetitive when looking at the same 3
decently designed backgrounds. However, the walls and enemies look great and never become dull
because of the huge variety of wall and enemy designs. Taverna Game Studio has done an
amazing job animating everything perfectly, so it becomes a smooth flowing, wonderfully designed,
enjoyable game.

My thoughts.

Arkan: The dog adventurer is a frantic but relaxing game, which you are simply tasked with having
fun. I loved the gameplay and the movement to control Arkan. The game just seemed to flow, and I
would struggle to stop playing: the visuals and animations were nice looking, the music was relaxing
and peaceful, and the completion was a stress-free blast. While playing Arkan: The dog adventurer I
always had fun. This game is worth giving a try for the amount of content available for only £4.19.

A relaxing completion once again from Sometimes You. The achievements task you to break 500
blocks and collect 100 stars. Simply choose easy mode for a trouble-free completion and try to get 3
stars on all the early levels. Enjoy a stress-free experience as you listen to the beautiful music and
wreak havoc on the enemies. For those who enjoy challenges, other difficulty modes are available.

Gamerscore = 1000g
Completion time = under 2 hours
Completion difficulty = 2/10


Taverna Game Studio has created a unique and interesting game, which combines pinball type
mechanics with platforming. Arkan: The dog adventurer has 3 difficulty modes escalating in
enthralling and exhilarating gameplay. Easy mode provides a peaceful and relaxing journey, but
hard mode is full of intoxicating tension as you evade the grip of death. Smoothly, all the amazing
animations play out as you hectically platform around a beautiful background. Sometimes You are
once again responsible for a simple gaining of the 1000 Gamerscore for achievement hunters to
enjoy. In my opinion, everyone should give this game a chance as it does a fantastic job making an
enjoyable and peaceful gaming experience.

Rating = 88/100

Complete Arkan: The dog adventurer.


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Arkan: The dog adventurer trailer.

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