Extra Life 2019!

Help Sick & Terminally Ill Children

Posted by Stealth David   4th October 2019
Welcome to the Mygamerprofile.net 2019 Extra Life event! We have loads of codes to giveaway some during our 24 hour live stream and whole bundles of games for people who donate to this great cause! The stream will be from 6am GMT on the 2nd of November and end 24 hours later. If you're unsure what Extra Life is Click Here for Extra life information.

If you wish to donate to my Extra life please use the link below there will be a giveaway bundle starting at $5 all the way to $50 more information on these later.

Stealth David's Extra life

The Stream will be broadcast on my Mixer channel Stealth David's Mixer Channel

So this is how the bundles are going to work if you enter one of the high donation giveaways you will be entered in to all the tiers below, so if you donate $50 you will also be entered into the $25 /$20/$15/$10 and $5 Another example $20 donations get entered into $20/15/10/5 These bundles will be listed below and will contain over $300 worth of games in the $50 bundle! Well worth a go and you help sick/terminally ill children at the same time.

Bundles will be updated in next few days! When you donate $10 or more leave a message if you want to be entered into the Steam, & PS4 draws since not everyone want these codes!

$50 Xbox Bundle will include

Metro Exodus (Physical)
Redeemer (Physical)
Wreckfest (Digital)
The Bard's Tale (Physical)
World War Z Power Bank Phone Charger (Physical)
Mole Cats (Digital)
The Adventures of Elena Temple (Digital)
Super Toy Cars (Digital)
Fe (Digital)
Spiral Splatter (Digital)
Chasm (Digital)
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! (Digital)
Hero Defense (Digital)
Bridge Constructor Portal (Digital)
Earth Atlantis (Digital)
Trüberbrook (Digital)
Ping Redux (Digital)
Sally's law (Digital)

$35 Xbox Ratalaika Games Bundle will include x2 Winners

Every Ratalaika published game released in 2019!!! Over 20,000 Gamerscore!

$25 Bundle will include

World War Z Power Bank Phone Charger (Physical)
Shoppe Keep (Digital)
Circuit Breakers (Digital)
Jalopy (Digital)
Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition (Digital)
Rocket Wars (Digital)
Damsel (Digital)
Debris Infinity (Digital)
The Outer Worlds (Digital)

$20 Bundle will include

Hell Warders (Digital)
Super Pixel Racers (Digital)
STAY (Digital)
World War Z Power Bank Phone Charger (Physical)
SteamWorld Dig (Digital)
Brief Battles (Digital)

$15 Bundle will include

Spy Chameleon (Digital)
Car Mechanic Simulator (Physical)
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
Snooker Nation (Digital)
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps And Beans (Digital)
Mable & The Wood (Digital)

$10+ Bundle will include PS4 games ONLY must leave message with donation if you want entered into this!

Surviving Mars (Physical)
Monster Energy Supercross (Physical)
Car Mechanic Simulator (Physical)
Redeemer (Physical)
Hellfront PS4 EU ONLY (Digital)
SteamWorld Dig 2 PS4 EU ONLY (Digital)

$10+ Bundle will include Steam games ONLY must leave message with donation if you want entered into this!

Walking Zombie 2 (Digital)
The Adventures of Elena Temple (Digital)
Super Toy Cars 2 (Digital)
Damsel (Digital)
Warhammer Vermintide (Digital)
The Journey Down (Digital)
Hellfront (Digital)
Earthfall (Digital)
Cats Quest 2 (Digital)

$5 Bundle will include

Mothergunship (Digital)
Immortal Redneck (Digital)
Mutant Football League (Digital)
Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (Digital)

There will also be plenty of other codes being given away during the live stream on November the 2nd at least one giveaway every 30 mins minimum it's going to be long fun night! I really hope you guys decided to donate it really is an amazing cause and really helps families out there who have a sick child. I have put a lot of work into this and I wish you all the best in the giveaways please PM me if you have any questions.

Before I sign off all these codes and more was donated by the developers so an absolute huge thank you I owe you guys big!

Thanks David Thompson (Stealth David)

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