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Posted by Stealth David   12th September 2019
Himno is a procedurally generated 2D platformer. It�??s simple in its concept of navigating your way through entirely random levels to reach the portal to the next district. Although simple in its design, it is enjoyable in its simplicity. The aim of the game is to reach the highest district as possible, without falling into the water.

Unlike many other 2D platformers, there are no enemies to fight and no inevitable deaths as districts become more difficult. It relies on your skill to navigate, jump, dash and slide your way through the levels, utilising moving platforms to get to new areas in search for the portal. Along the way each jump and dash you perform contributes to your characters level, in turn allowing the release of captured Wisps.

Although the lighting is dark, it adds to the atmosphere as you progress through the districts you can also find torches to light up the area providing stunning visuals. The music is outstanding, changing as you progress through the game.

All in all, this game is one of those that you will pick up and play for 10-15 minutes or 4 hours depending on determined you are. The game is an easy completion, approximately 20 minutes to obtain all 1000 Gamerscore. A £5 price tag on a simple game that is both an easy completion and an enjoyable experience, that you might find yourself going back for more (even after completion) is certainly not unreasonable.


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