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Posted by Stealth David   23rd September 2019
Hexologic is a single player number puzzle game that is quite addictive. I played this game sitting alongside other which I found added to the games enjoy-ability through their often loud and yet �??unhelpful�?� directions.

To begin with the game starts of rather simple and straight forward, requiring that the total number of dots in a line matches the number at the end of the time. As the levels get larger and more lines cross, it becomes more difficult. New features are added to the game, such as static spaces that cannot be changed and multiple spaces that all change at the same time (requiring a lot of planning in getting the correct combination).

The advantages this game has is that it does not require on any form of language dependent translations as there is no text (mathematics is the true universal language). With this release on Xbox One, a new endless game play feature has been added with procedurally generated levels, allowing for hours upon hours of frustration as your maths skills fail you.

The colourful interface and simple controls along with a very simple premise allow for an enjoyable, quick pick up and play, play for hours upon hours or just a few laughs with friends. Along with the easy 1000 Gamer-score in under an hour (if you follow a guide), all for under £5, this game gets 5-star rating from this humbled gamer.

Written by Rolodium

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