oOo: Ascension Review

Try, try again...

Posted by B1ueSeptember   20th May 2018
Have you ever played a skill-based game, like a platformer or racer, and hit a long, very difficult place where you find yourself having to learn one bit over many tries but somehow forgetting another bit that came easily before? oOo Ascension, from Kenny Creanor and Extra Mile Studios, personifies this type of game while still managing to be a lot of fun.

oOo Ascension is a unique game, combining the qualities of puzzles, obstacle courses, mazes, and racers into a single smooth experience. The player controls a little spaceship, flying it over the surface of�?�we�??ll call it a puzzle planet. In a unique twist, the entire planet is contained on screen, turning beneath the player�??s ship rather than the camera following the ship itself. There are ten planets/levels per area of the game. They are short �?? each less than a minute �?? and are as simple as guiding your ship to a goal on another part of the planet. The difficulty and complexity of the game come into play with the ever-increasing number and variety of obstacles that stand in your way. You can carefully pick your way through them and finish the level, but that strategy will rarely help you meet the level�??s goal time, which is your ultimate aim.

Mixed with one-hit kills (if you touch anything, you die), this sounds incredibly frustrating, but it�??s remedied by the game�??s short levels, instant respawns, and an instant �??restart�?� button. You�??ll find yourself saying, �??This time�?�I�??ve got it this time�?� for fifty tries. The game also does a great job of making sure that your focus and frustration are all on the planet; the controls are simple; you can move, boost, restart, and pause �?? that�??s it �?? and the controls are very responsive. A game like this would be unplayable without good controls. Your ship is extremely nimble, allowing you to exploit every tiny gap and sharp turn to reach your goal.

Aesthetically, the game is very �??future-retro�?� with colored planets edged by bright neon and a techno-like soundtrack that fits the gameplay well. If you�??ve seen the original Tron, you�??ll have a pretty good idea of what I mean. It all works well together to make the game more entertaining without being distracting, and you really can�??t play this game with distractions. There�??s even an option for co-op play.

All in all, oOo: Ascension is a fun game with simple goals and complex paths that will have you saying �??Just one more time�?��?� for hours on end. It�??s a frustratingly hard game but addictive, too, and one that is definitely worth your time if you like a challenge.

Score: 8 out of 10

Developer: Kenny Creanor
Publisher: Extra Mile Studios
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Platform: Xbox One

Written by Vulcan1770

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