Far Cry 5 Review

Ubisoft delivers a great shooter

Posted by B1ueSeptember   22nd April 2018
Far Cry 5 is my first foray into Ubisoft�??s take on the open-world FPS. If it is representative of the previous titles in the series, I wish I had stepped in sooner. With that, let�??s begin.

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter in an open-world environment. Set in a rural county in Montana, the world Ubisoft has built is massive, richly detailed, and loaded with things to do; story missions, side quests, hunting/fishing, and perk challenges all work together to keep the world interesting and the action flowing. Add to that a very smooth set of gameplay mechanics that make combat, stealth, and vehicular play all fun, immersive, and satisfying, and you�??ve got a highly addictive game that will have you saying, �??Just one more thing and then I�??ll quit�?� until breakfast time the next morning.

The game�??s story takes place in Hope County, Montana. You play as an unnamed Hope County deputy, who is working along with other local officers and U.S. Marshals to arrest Joseph Seed, leader of a radically violent religious cult called Eden�??s Gate. As one might expect, things go south quickly, setting off a movement called �??The Reaping,�?� in which members of the cult move to take all property from innocent citizens in the area, either indoctrinating them into Eden�??s Gate or annihilating them. You find yourself alone, running for your life, searching for people and ways to bring down Eden�??s Gate. Once you have the basics of the story in the prologue, you can free-roam, making the story somewhat open, depending on where you go.

The map is split into three sections, each of which is controlled by an Eden�??s Gate lieutenant. These lieutenants are also Seed�??s family �?? his siblings Jacob, John, and Faith. You decide in what order to go after these lieutenants. You�??ll destroy cult property, free captives, and build alliances and resistance against the cult in your chosen sector. Building enough resistance gives you the opportunity to go after that section�??s leader and save your captured friends.

Combat and stealth are both viable and satisfying options in the game. Stealth take-downs, silent weaponry, and a shoot/move mechanic make sneaking fun and effective while powerful weapons, strong companions, and craft-able explosives bring real firepower to bear that requires no sneaking at all. The game is thus flexible, fun for players of different play styles. A third option lets you play on the fly, literally, in a heavily armed helicopter, to rain fire down on your enemies.

The levelling/progression system works very well. Perk points are earned by completing challenges. These challenges aren�??t difficult but do require different styles of gameplay, requiring players to try new things. Perks cost different amounts, depending on what they do. Perks will let you set cars to explode, carry extra ammo, give you a parachute, make you more effective with a particular weapon, etc. Try using Master Harvester with a bow and watch how quickly you can rack up money.

The game also has drop-in, drop-out co-op play. Unlike games that require co-op, Far Cry 5 leaves that up to the player. You can play the whole game alone, with a friend, or a combination of both. It�??s all up to you, exactly as it should be.

On the downside, NPCs are well-voiced and interesting, but most of them fall into one flavor of redneck or another. This type of stereotyping is a bit old; not all country people are rednecks. Armor is also a little disappointing. Considering the robust choice of weaponry, the single bullet vest that can be bought or found (yes �?? one piece of armor) seems uninspired. It�??s a letdown.

Still, these are very small things in the overall world that is Far Cry 5. Joseph Seed is a creepy, charismatic villain that has created an army of dangerous zealots who prey on the defenseless. It�??s up to you to try to bring down this cruel cult and have a blast doing it.

Score: 9.5 out of 10

Release Date: March 27, 2017
Platform: Xbox One and PS4

Written by Vulcan1770
Stealth David

Stealth David 23 Apr 2018 07:44:04

Great work Vulcan glad you enjoyed the game :)
Emperor Ell

Emperor Ell 04 Jun 2018 20:00:25

Thank you for your review! 😁

Deleted User 18 Jul 2018 16:52:35

Thank for review!
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