Battlefield 1 Review

The War to end all Wars

Posted by Bytyqi   27th October 2016

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Battlefield 1

Xbox One

Cold and soaked in the mud, dead on the street or alive with a conscience that killed you on the inside, World War 1 is to date one of the most horrible warfare's to have ever played out, and Battlefield 1 depicts the unfortunate events brilliantly.

“All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.”
DICE's latest instalment offers the players to take control of multiple soldiers individually, all heading towards and ineviteable death. One thing that really grabs a hold of you is the fact that you "get to know" the soldier for a few seconds, you kill other soldiers but then the soldier gets shot and you get a message telling you their name, year of birth and death. You know the feeling you get when your favourite movie or game character dies and you're left with an hopeless empty feeling of solitude? The prologue brings just that. More soldiers fall to their death before a cutscene shows two soldiers, each of them fighting for their own country, laying down their arms. What a beautiful scene.

“What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.”
Let's be honest. Although offering spectacular vehicles, bloodshedding animations and lethal weaponry in the single-player campaigns, the Battlefield-series has always been associated with online gameplay. Something about the major maps, brutal battle featuring 64 players and details such as bullet drop are just a few things that makes people volunteer for battle. The campaign of Battlefield 1 deserves as much recognition as the multiplayer portion of the game gets. It gives you the opportunity to partake in five very different "war stories" where you play as different characters and their stories, both pre-war and during the war. The cutscenes are flawless and the gameplay is groundbreaking, and trust me when I say that this is no "ordinary storyline" where "they lived happily ever after". On the battlefield, sacrifices has to be made in order for success to be achieved. As for the length of the campaign, it may seem short with the number of missions ranging anywhere from 3-5 missions for "War Story", but what DICE with their Frostbite engine has done to Battlefield 1 is something that more and more developers should consider doing; giving you multiple choices to proceed in the game. Having one mission in mind, you are given the option to either sneak through the mission, taking out the enemies quietly, or go in guns blazing and leave a trail of blood and quite a few bodies behind you.

“With heart and courage.”
The campaign will have you play in many ways. On uneven land, soaring the cloudy skies or navigating the wavy seas; you get to experience them all, resulting in a variety of activities to be experienced - something that you can take to the online portion of the game and use to your advantage.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
The battlefield is without a doubt a scary place to be on, however joined by your brothers in arms you are bound to succeed. As stated earlier, the Battlefield-series is known for its online gameplay and Battlefield 1 is no exception. 64 players combat, all with victory in mind is everything you need to create chaos. Stunning visual gameplay featuring rain drops on rifles, the revolutionary bayonet charge and the zeppelins covering the skies like a meteors stuck in time combined into sweaty team work and objectives mix up to delicious work of art; the online portion of the game is just as good as it sounds.

“38 million casualties.”
Leaving the rest of the pack and creating a game based on past events featuring bloodshed, amazing graphics and adrenaline pumping content, DICE made the correct decision to develop a masterpiece like this. In multiplier, there are plenty of enemies to kill, objectives to capture and levels to reach, making the multiplier part a perfect partner proudly standing by the campaign's side.

    Administrator XeWoN 2 Nov 2016 12:40 pm

    Nice Review. I have yet to play the game but have heard nothing but good comments about it, recently I have lost interest in shooters playing more racing or puzzle games. When i get back in the mood to play shooters this has to be one of the top in the list for me, this and Gears 4.

      AGGY RegulatoR 2 Nov 2016 11:32 pm

      I really like the online on this. The lack of customisation adds to the realism in a sense. Haven't touched the campaign yet but should be good :)

        Ashdude9559 3 Nov 2016 04:00 am

        I've got a friend who can't get enough of this game. But I can't play it till Christmas. :(

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