Level 1

Zindra 75,309

  • Games Played: 493
  • Achievements: 4,124

Registered: 2 Jan 2017 at 11:48 pm

Last Scan: 26 Feb 2020 at 09:06 pm

Zindra's Uncommon Achievements

Make sure the Hillbilly never drives again.

Unlock 10 gadgets with a single Agent.



Kill 100 Red Dudes using melee.



Win the first Hippodrome tournament.

Destroy an opponent in a Hippodrome race.

Earn your first Gold Road or Rooftop Race medal.

Complete your first Rooftop Race at Bronze or higher.

Earn your first Silver Road or Rooftop Race medal.

15 seconds of consecutive climbing, jumping or back-flipping

Defeat a full cluster of Cultists of Kosmos.

Defeat a Mercenary in the Arena.

Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses.

Reaching level 3 and getting more than 60 XP

In the Gift Shop, go to the Trading Post and trade with another player.

Hang on the Gunship during Mission 1-3.

Kill enemies with 3 different environmental drop kills

Fully upgrade your Win Streak Gear Pack before opening it

Enter a classic numerical code in the game's first keypad.

Complete a Sword Mission and begin growing the legend of Urfael.

Helped the Wormal farmer gather his chickens.

Complete 20 Bounties, War Contracts, or Naval Quests from Message Boards.

Play one Versus Match with a Custom Weapon Skin

Detonate the Hot Rod at the very last second

Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups

Complete all Challenges for a single mission

Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear.

Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score.

Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons.

Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match.

Edith Up, the Gourmet Fairy is Free!

Inhaled 50 things on Moskito-back.

Zindra's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:4 / 493 (0%)
Gamerscore:75,309 / 548,957 (13%)
Achievements:4,124 / 24,235 (17%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:128

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