Level 1

xtraSHAD0W 84,885


  • Games Played: 201
  • Achievements: 3,942

Registered: 4 Aug 2014 at 12:59 pm

Last Scan: 6 Apr 2020 at 05:45 am

xtraSHAD0W's Common Achievements

Win your first game of Solitaire.

Complete a minefield for the first time without using any flags.

Take a ride in every vehicle in the game.

Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles.

Beat a level on your last step.

Beat a few levels with a time well below par.

Destroy the helicopter attacking the vice president

Complete a 2 hit combo against the CPU.

Learn about the world, and Elika's history.

Launch 50 Enemies into the air then catch them with Shrek.

Surround one piece with six same-color pieces.

Defeat 100 enemies with Force Grip

Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 1

Complete a lap of a Race event in World Tour without dismounting.

Build an ATV from scratch in the garage.

1 Kill


Defeat an enemy player during an online battle.

Fight to the finish in one online battle.

Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere.

Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands (or thrown objects)

You hijacked the tank in the villa.

Escort XXX Corps and link up with the 101st Airborne.

Evade the police successfully when they are in pursuit.

Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.

Finish Crusades - Complete Crusades on either Easy or Normal.

Score two headshots with one bullet.

Successfully perform the Obliteration Technique.

Win 3 race events back to back in either Arcade or Single Player Career Mode.

xtraSHAD0W's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:38 / 201 (18%)
Gamerscore:84,885 / 184,350 (46%)
Achievements:3,942 / 8,359 (47%)

xtraSHAD0W needs to unlock 71 more achievements to reach 48%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:166

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I unlocked 8 achievements for 195G on Turok.

I unlocked 3 achievements for 45G on UNO.

I unlocked 50 achievements for 1000G on Viking: Battle for Asgard.

I unlocked 4 achievements for 20G on Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: Colonies Edition.

I unlocked 14 achievements for 1000G on Bullet Witch.

I unlocked 19 achievements for 380G on Crackdown.

I unlocked 17 achievements for 340G on Dead Rising.

I unlocked 3 achievements for 50G on Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

I unlocked 15 achievements for 190G on Devil May Cry 4.