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tossico94 71,265

Online: Grand Theft Auto V

  • Games Played: 237
  • Achievements: 3,813

Registered: 30 May 2015 at 10:52 pm

Last Scan: 27 Feb 2020 at 12:43 pm

tossico94's Rare Achievements

Seashell Shore: Defeat Bluto's nuclear shark submarine

Get a kill with 3 Perks active in Horde

Use all of Papu's Pyramid's shortcuts in the same race.

Use all Juiced Up Power-Ups once. (Race & Battle Arena)

Use every Power-Up once. (Race & Battle Arena)

Pass the test to enter the Collapsed Wasteland.

Discover 1 mysterious rooms in Abandoned Ruins.

Give out a gift that the other person doesn't like.

Sheila's Alp: As Sheila, destroy all headbash treasure chests

Finish one mission under Par Time on Heroic difficulty.

Well-cooked meals are never easy, dine too soon and you'll get queasy!

Your hearty meal's turned out wrong. You left it on the stove too long!

Kill a player with an environmental hazard.

Kill more than 20 enemy champions in a single match.

Reach a 20 kill streak in a match

Have a Paladins account over 1 year old

Dragon Shores: Unlock the permanent Super Flame

Icy Speedway: Defeat all the Snowmobiles before defeating a Hang Glider

Robotica Farms: Defeat every Robo Bee with a spit object

Metropolis: Defeat the Ox without getting hit

Cloud Temples: Don't flame or charge any Sheep in this level

Mystic Marsh: Charge through every Striped Monkey

Canyon Speedway: Defeat 5 Buggies while charging

Fracture Hills: Defeat every Earthshaper in the level

Ripto's Arena: Use all three of the Power Ups that are dropped

Winter Tundra: Headbash every rock in the map

Gulp's Overlook: Complete the level without flaming or charging any Fodder

Metro Speedway: Flame all of the Pigeons first

Skelos Badlands: Don't take damage from the lava

Crystal Glacier: Defeat all of the Draclets during one Superflight

Ocean Speedway: Flame all of the audience members

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Completed Games:4 / 237 (1%)
Gamerscore:71,265 / 293,117 (24%)
Achievements:3,813 / 13,956 (27%)

tossico94 needs to unlock 95 more achievements to reach 28%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:319

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