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tossico94's Ultra Rare Achievements

Halo 4: Complete every level of the game on Legendary difficulty.

Mission 5: Jack 6 Covenant Vehicles.

Sampling every type of fruit will keep you fit to fight and loot!

Little fishie, all aglow, off to The Hunter's Call you go.

If reeling a coloured fish in, take care, The Hunter's Call claim they're incredibly rare!

A Cursed Rogue searching, never sleeping. What great secrets is she keeping?

A sunken ship and ancient key will set you on a great journey!

Perform a melee kill on a Flametrooper Elite

Complete an elite challenge in Zagoravia

Make 2500 kills with 5 active Hexes

Play a round on all "In the Name of the Tsar" maps

Beat the Chest or Dark Room without taking damage.

Qualify for a League in Ranked Team Adventure.

Reach level 5 in Racing Team Adventure, Games Team Adventure, or Anything Goes Team Adventure.



Manufacture a legendary part

Enter the Mystery Portal and Defeat a Boss Hunt on Normal Difficulty

Open 5 Community Challenge Reward Chests.

Meet the Contribution Requirement for 3 Community Challenges



Halo 2A MP: Win 10 multiplayer games as an Elite.

Halo 4: Complete every level of the game on Heroic difficulty.

Collect 10,000 campaign or playlist medals.

Halo 4: Trick or force a Hunter to fall to its demise on Shutdown.

A legend was told of a five-piece band, who played Shanties together and best witnessed first hand.

Visit the shop for a Hook, Pegleg, Eyepatch, and Hat, sadly this is a riddle that falls a bit flat.

To plunder one's Captain is a good ploy, but take it to port to experience the joy!

A lady once sailed through a storm at night, turned off her lights did she to show off her might.

Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Merchant voyages!



Collect all 150 scraps of toilet paper.

Block an attack as you scream "parlay!", then strike them down to ruin their day.

Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Order of Souls voyages!

Visit the Weaponsmith to empty your coffers, we hear there's some buckshot on special offer.

Kill 25 robots that have wings or rudders

To fire one's self and nail a deck landing, requires a good aim and much understanding.

Earn a Silver Ranking in League

If you are of chests aplenty, this achievement unlocks at twenty.

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Completed Games:4 / 237 (1%)
Gamerscore:71,265 / 293,022 (24%)
Achievements:3,813 / 13,948 (27%)

tossico94 needs to unlock 93 more achievements to reach 28%.

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Ultra Rare:319

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