Level 1

RFG85 412,731

  • Games Played: 469
  • Achievements: 14,787

Registered: 23 Nov 2018 at 12:22 am

Last Scan: 4 Apr 2020 at 10:05 am

RFG85's Ultra Rare Achievements

Kill 20 enemies that are infected by spreading N-rays.

Kill 50 enemies with companion abilities.

Turn 100 enemies to ash with plasma damage.

Kill 50 enemies with a tossball stick or tossball blocker.

Kill 50 enemies with sneak attacks.

Simultaneously have bonuses for meat, carbohydrates, sugary drink, caffeine, and alcohol.

Kill 30 automechanicals with shock damage.

Succeed at 3 dialog conversation checks with a single disguise.

Hit 30 enemies in the groin during tactical time dilation.

Simultaneously equip Spacer's Choice brand clothing, headgear, and 4 weapons.

Bring back 15 souvenirs from the dungeons

Find 10 divine items in a single dungeon

Kill a boss without receiving damage

Stopped Kala from resetting the world.

Summited Mt. Sumeru, gateway to the heavens.

Dissolved the Slime Queen and freed Queen Mary from its clutches.

Confronted Obsidian Wind, Kaanul's self-fulfilling prophecy.

Toppled Garuda Cruel and set Tai Krung City free at last.

Accepted and channeled the rage within, awakening Maha Heruka.

Destroyed the Iron Kingdom's menacing war machine, MOLOCH.

Stopped the Serpent Queen from sealing her citizens away from the world.

Deposed the Crime Lord Mara and ended his insatiable greed.



Dealt a total of 2,216,972 damage or more.

Arrived in the bustling town of Port Maerifa, gateway to the world.

Used over 108 bars of Iddhi in battle.

Acquired the complete Black Cerberus gear and the MG Judge

Finish the game after corrupting the Utopia protocols

Finish the game without corrupting the Utopia protocols

RFG85's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:364 / 469 (77%)
Gamerscore:412,731 / 456,650 (90%)
Achievements:14,787 / 16,642 (88%)

RFG85 needs to unlock 25 more achievements to reach 89%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1,194

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