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MLGMakun's Uncommon Achievements

Kill 5 enemies by throwing a shield at them.

Finish off an Enforcer with a bayonet.

No wings means less drag, right? Take a short flight in the wingless plane.

Successfully catch one of every type of fish in Hope County. Get those omega-3s.

Liberate all Outposts at least once on Rank III.



Find all the Dear Photograph locations and see Hope County as it used to be. Host only.

Survive a 30m fall using only Leap of Faith to nullify the impact.

Rediscover some sweet tunes for the new world. Find all hidden MP3 players. Host only.

Perform an Aerial Takedown after using Leap of Faith.

Liberate a Rank III Outpost while staying undetected.

Kill 10 brawlers with any saw launcher. They never saw it coming.

Kill an enemy more than 100m away with a basic arrow.

Complete this puzzle on any difficulty

Complete this puzzle on any difficulty

Complete this puzzle on any difficulty



Earn a Gold Medal on any chapter.

Directly hit an opponent with a thrown Beaker Power-Up.

Unlock 10 gadgets with a single Agent.



Create a venue with 7 courts.

Kill a Sniper whilst they are jumping between vantage points.

Kill 50 Zombies in a row without missing a shot.

Kill a friend who has resurrected as a zombie.

Challenge the horror of the Redemption Church.

Used half of the abilities at least once

Find the Degasi habitat on the floating island

Find the Degasi habitat in the jellyshroom caves



Win a race without using any Power-Ups.

Have a fully upgraded Generator (power, range and overdrive)

Use the shortcut in Tiger Temple.

MLGMakun's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:257 / 653 (39%)
Gamerscore:441,321 / 727,495 (60%)
Achievements:16,684 / 27,178 (61%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:2,260

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