Level 1

Lump Busta 117,198

  • Games Played: 427
  • Achievements: 5,726

Registered: 12 Jan 2018 at 03:55 am

Last Scan: 3 Apr 2020 at 12:11 pm

Lump Busta's Rare Achievements

Trick 5 enemies into killing another enemy

Kill 10 enemies with Nitro Cell in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Double Jump 5 times consecutively without touching the ground

Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground

Kick a skateboard in to the face of an enemy

Complete a level without firing a weapon

Complete 200 missions or multiplayer games.

Complete 100 missions or multiplayer games.

Complete 150 missions or multiplayer games.

Earn a medal for achieving a time or not dying on any level

Complete The Outer Worlds on any difficulty.

Sell 10,000 bits worth of items to vendors.

Have maximum positive reputation with 3 factions.

Learned the shocking truth about the colony.

Saved the universe's greatest diet toothpaste recipe.

Finish any level without dealing friendly damage

Kill 20 lying zombies before they get up

Rescue 30 incapacitated teammates

Use Jack's STIM upgraded ability to revive a DBNO friendly in Campaign

Have a Sim reach max level in the Piano skill.

Have a Sim reach max level in the Cooking skill.

Lump Busta's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:21 / 427 (4%)
Gamerscore:117,198 / 498,652 (23%)
Achievements:5,726 / 21,344 (26%)

Lump Busta needs to unlock 37 more achievements to reach 27%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:201

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