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Level 1



  • Games Played: 143
  • Achievements: 5,918

Registered: 19 Jun 2015 02:10:44

Last Scan: 01 Feb 2023 12:53:09


LEGO Dimensions

Collect any Minikit within the 'Back to the Future!' level

LEGO Dimensions

Complete ''The Mysterious Voyage of Homer''

Forza Horizon 2

Have 50 Cars in your Garage.

Peggle 2

Complete every level in Gravely Grove

Forza Horizon 2

Obtain the Purple Wristband.

Duke Nukem Forever

Put a Trip Mine on a live alien

Duke Nukem Forever

Get knocked down 10 times

Grand Theft Auto V

You're gonna need a bigger boat...

Gears of War

Complete Act 4 on Hardcore Difficulty

Duke Nukem Forever

Drink beer while on steroids or vice versa in SP

Duke Nukem Forever

Kill 10 aliens with environmental explosives

Gears of War

Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Difficulty

Gears of War

Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty

Need for Speed: Rivals

Drive 50 cumulative minutes in any Ford then enter garage

Gears of War

Complete Act 2 on Hardcore Difficulty

Gears of War

Complete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

DTR: Retribution

Achieve maximum CLEAR TIME BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue)

Gears of War

Complete 1 co-op chapter as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Complete a stealth kill

Burnout Paradise

Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without Wrecking

Forza Horizon

Win 3 cars from leveling up online.

Far Cry 3

Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only).

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Dominate any 2 chapters of Quest (Earn all the Power Stars from any 2 chapters of Quest)

State of Decay: Year-One

Get killed by zombies.

Forza Horizon 2

Choose where the Road Trip goes for the first time.

Trials Fusion

Post a time on another player's created track

Peggle 2

Complete every Celestial Realm level

Detailed Stats


Completed Games: 118 / 143 (82%)
Gamerscore: 131,340 / 165,445 (79%)
Achievements: 5,918 / 8,058 (73%)

IVANNA SPANK needs to unlock 45 more achievements to reach 74%.

Achievement Rarity

Common: 1,538
Uncommon: 1,117
Rare: 2,041
Ultra Rare: 1,125
Legendary: 97