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Level 29

Callumpy 168,015 Administrator

Last seen 1 day ago: Halo Infinite

  • Games Played: 225
  • Achievements: 7,347

Registered: 09 Oct 2012 13:52:01

Last Scan: 09 Apr 2024 18:55:31



Complete a day with a mess on at least 10 tiles


Activate Practice Mode during preparation time


Serve a customer with less than a second to spare

Forza Motorsport

Complete a Quick Race in Free Play

Forza Motorsport

Maintain a speed of 180mph or higher for 3 seconds

Palworld (Game Preview)

Caught 20 different types of Pals

Palworld (Game Preview)

Defeated Zoe and Grizzbolt

Goat Simulator 3

Synchronize with all the Goat Towers

Goat Simulator 3

Goat Castle - Reach C Tier

Goat Simulator 3

Goat Castle - Reach D Tier

Cities: Skylines II - PC Edition

Have at least 1000 citizens and an average happiness rating of 75%.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Finish test track


Complete a kitchen in the Arctic

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Visit Car Salon

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Buy 100 parts from main shop

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Pour used oil on the floor

Golf With Your Friends

Play a full game of Space Station on Classic

Grounded - Game Preview

Snap a picture using Photo Mode

Escape Academy

Have 8 side conversations with characters on campus.

Escape Academy

Find a way to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb."

Escape Academy

Escape "Under Pressure" in under three minutes.

Escape Academy

Solve Eel's Battery Lock in under 10 moves.

Escape Academy

Earn an A+ on 10 Escapes.

Escape Academy

Read 10 different editions of "The Escapist Times."

Escape Academy

Solve Eel's Rotating Chambers in under 8 moves.

Escape Academy

Solve Quanty's Disco Fever with a partner.

Minecraft Legends - Windows

Destroy the Night Beacon Base.

Human Fall Flat

Carry objects for a total of 1000m

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Advance to the Imperial Age with any Civilization

Detailed Stats


Completed Games: 94 / 225 (41%)
Gamerscore: 168,015 / 254,595 (65%)
Achievements: 7,347 / 11,167 (65%)

Callumpy needs to unlock 24 more achievements to reach 66%.

Achievement Rarity

Common: 2,684
Uncommon: 1,250
Rare: 2,211
Ultra Rare: 1,125
Legendary: 92


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