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Bulby33 121,906

Online: Destiny 2

  • Games Played: 237
  • Achievements: 6,172

Registered: 31 Mar 2014 at 01:50 am

Last Scan: 27 Feb 2020 at 01:37 am

Bulby33's Common Achievements

Spend 500 consumable resources on crafting.

Install a modification of each category on a single weapon.

Retrieved your own loot box. Death is no excuse for leaving behind Kindred property!

You died! Now you're not dead! Huh. Weird!

Cragclaw down. Break out the garlic butter!

Get launched by a Pufferbird, then kill it.

Marked your first fuel pod. Momma, I'm coming home!

Unlock the Alien Teleportation System. Beats walking!

Play a video message from Kindred. Guess they didn't forget about us!

Got covered in ooey-gooey alien guts.

Set foot on AR-Y 26 for the first time. I guess that counts as an achievement?



Lock the groundskeeper out of the garden

Complete the high street to-do list

Upgrade Nephilim's Respite Healing Amount

Misty Bog: Free a trapped Chicken

Sunny Flight: Do a Loop de Loop around one of the arches

Dream Weavers: Charge through three Armored Fools in a row

Metal Head: Collect 500 gems in the level

Tree Tops: Jump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops.

Blowhard: Collect 400 gems in the level

Wizard Peak: Defeat the hidden Egg Thief

High Caves: Defeat all the Metalback Spiders

Alpine Ridge: Detonate the three explosive chests on the pillars

Magic Crafters: Charge through the four Armored Druids in a row near the level start

Cliff Town: Flame every Vulture in the level

Ice Cavern: Defeat all three Skiing Gnorcs

Peace Keepers: Use a cannon to dispatch a taunting Gnorc

Toasty: Defeat Toasty without getting hit by him

Town Square: Glide to the upper area where the Blue Egg Thief is

Artisans Home: Find the hidden entrance

Bulby33's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:27 / 237 (11%)
Gamerscore:121,906 / 232,245 (52%)
Achievements:6,172 / 10,553 (58%)

Bulby33 needs to unlock 55 more achievements to reach 59%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:186

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I unlocked 1 achievement for 70G on LIMBO.

I unlocked 20 achievements for 465G on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

I unlocked 7 achievements for 110G on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

I unlocked 10 achievements for 110G on Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

I unlocked 6 achievements for 95G on Deadlight.

I unlocked 1 achievement for 15G on Deadlight.

I unlocked 5 achievements for 50G on Deadlight.

I unlocked 1 achievement for 5G on Deadlight.

I unlocked 12 achievements for 135G on Deadlight.

I unlocked 1 achievement for 25G on Forza Motorsport 5.