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ashrafoqla33's Rare Achievements

Get 10 patches from commendations.

Achieve 1st place in a race with a fully customized Vehicle.

Fall in to water more than 10 times

Complete Chapter 3 of Team Adventure Mode.

Use the White Boost to destroy a projectile.

Upgrade a robot's augment slots to maximum for tournament

Finish a battle only using upgrade tokens with five fuel

Unlock 100 clothing items for your character.

Respond to a call for help and revive the agent.

Kill an enemy with a Damage token

Complete 3 Blueprint Events created by other players.

Start building your Master Builder's House.

Arrive at your Master Builder's LEGO® Baseplate.

Set up the Horizon Festival on Fortune Island.

Kill 100 enemies with the Sabre turret

Complete the first chapter of "Isha's Taxis".

Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy drink and painkiller overdose.

Use only the Booster for 15 non-consecutive minutes -- Air Lifter and Retract can't be active!

Finish three sectors of a Stage with a flat tyre

You completed a Heist Setup mission.

Assassinate the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

Expose the Lord Regent's crimes and bring about his arrest



Kill 6 enemies in less than 1 second

Make others kill 5 of their own allies

GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.

In the Main Campaign, collect every Voxophone.

Complete the Main Campaign on Hard difficulty or above.

In the Main Campaign, kill 5 enemies with a headshot while riding a Sky-Line.

GTA Online: Use custom vehicles to win 5 races.

In the Main Campaign, kill 5 enemies while you are drunk.

GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

In the Main Campaign, kill a Handyman by only shooting his heart.

Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue Item

Fan boy


Beat Rhymer in his One-on-One

Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.

Complete a Kinect Mission in solo play.

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Completed Games:0 / 275 (0%)
Gamerscore:21,342 / 325,065 (6%)
Achievements:1,367 / 14,662 (9%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:5

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