Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2

Perfect Player
Ultra Rare
Ultra Rare
Perfect Harmony
Ultra Rare

Perfect Harmony

50 Secret

Defeated the final boss with 12 surviving children.

True Friend
Ultra Rare

True Friend

30 Secret

Saved the souls of the crew in Chapter 11.

Experienced Leader
Ultra Rare

Learned 4 leader skills in the same category.

Meddlesome Traveler
Ultra Rare

Encountered 10 persons along the route.

Airship Lover
Ultra Rare

Used airship services 20 times.

Releaser of the Sealed
Ultra Rare

Progressed to the locked route.

Little Veteran
Ultra Rare

Attained S rank in battle 50 times.

Treasure Hunter
Ultra Rare

Defeated 20 silver or gold enemies.

Skill Master
Ultra Rare
Expert Team
Ultra Rare

Reached level 50 with all characters.

Skilled Craftsman
Ultra Rare
Expert Angler
Ultra Rare
Farming Enthusiast
Ultra Rare
Perfect Facility
Ultra Rare

Expanded all facilities to the max level.

Explorer Expert
Ultra Rare

Attained S rank in exploration 10 times.

Quiz Master
Ultra Rare
Secret Garden
Ultra Rare
Soothing Nature
Ultra Rare

Raised affinity to level 3 with an ally.

True Bonds
Ultra Rare

Raised affinity to level 10 with an ally.

Shared Destiny
Ultra Rare

Raised affinity to level 10 with 30 pairs.

Big Shot
Ultra Rare

Spent over 50000 to purchase items.

Pro Investor
Ultra Rare

Received over 100000 in selling items.

Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10
Tracking is available for this game.

Achievement Breakdown

Game Leaders

1. Kokswijk 1,000
2. BeanFarmGame 1,000
3. eldarion459484 1,000
4. TS2S 1,000
5. Danny Dubs 86 1,000
6. Troy Foley 1,000
7. Sankaku Hatama 650
8. Acid Dubstep 610
9. rafaelgrn 560
10. Gica Fa 410
11. rhuertacl 400
12. Isual 130
13. ShaggyA7X 120
14. babynyuu 120
15. Moruid 60