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Get Your Boogie On

30 Secret

You scored 222,222 or higher on the song Satch Boogie as the Lead guitarist

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Posted: 27 Dec 2013 02:10 pm

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Theres not much I can do in terms of helping you get this achievement, as usual with guitar hero, it will require some skill and time. I did this achievement on Hard difficulty, but doing that means you will have to near perfect the song. It allows for a few minor mistakes.

Firstly, I recommend you use hyperspeed for this achievement, and for any other achievement actually, I find it hard to play without it now. Personally I use hyperspeed 5, but if you haven't used it before, maybe you should start out low.

Using hyperspeed allows you to see the notes much easier, it will space them out as they are coming down the lane much quicker.

This song has a lot of hammer-ons, and unfortunately for you, GH: World Tour has fairly precise hammer-ons (compared to GH3 anyway), so don't be afraid to strum away at hammer-ons to make sure you hit them.

Now you need to practice, as I said, put it on hard difficulty and get to work trying to perfect the song. You need to score 222,222 points.

Take a look at the videos below, the first one is me playing and you can see that I made a few silly mistakes, I had played this song so many times it was getting sickening. (The recording is after my achievement run.) (Also I am left handed, that's why i'm posting 2 videos.)

Take a look at the star power paths in both videos, mine isn't perfect, but hey it worked. Try to use star power in sections where there are plenty of notes and where you have a decent multiplyer.

Here is a right-handed FC of the song on hard, just so you righties can see the track easier.

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