Night at the Museum


Acquire all "Pilot's Wings" Collectibles

Guides for Toolbox Hero Achievement

Posted: 18 Nov 2021 04:54 pm

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#1 - In front of the Amelia Earhart display

#2 - After you kill the second guard walk around the giant engine to find this set

#3 - #4 - Before you follow Able onto the walkway to the left, go right and grapple onto the two suspended platforms in the middle of the room. A set is on each platform

#5 - After killing the soldiers with the rocket blast, walk straight up stairs, it's ahead between the two space suits

#6 - After #5 turn right and swing across the rocket fire. When you land drop down on the platform below to find this set

#7 - After the Vending Machine game, walk around the first planet directly in front of you. Grapple up to the next level. Walk to your right and grab the wings with your keychain

#8 - Keep following the walkway to the right. The wings are next to a giant red planet display

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