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Posted: 18 Nov 2021 15:49:24

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n the Natural History Museum later in the game, you'll encounter 5 animals: 2 rhinos, 2 polar bears, and a sabertooth tiger. You can't do anything about them until you complete the Anubee column puzzle to get the Animal Ingot. Once you get that, you only need to shine the flashlight on each animal with the paw print equipped. You'll get this achievement while trying to find the Hope Diamond.

The location of each animal is:
1. Rhino 1: On the upper level of the area where you got the Animal Ingot. You can't miss it.
2. Polar Bear 1: There an ice covered section after Rhino 1 where you have to direct animals around to knock down gates. Polar Bear 1 is here.
3. Rhino 2: Same as Polar Bear 1.
4. Polar Bear 2: Same as Polar Bear 1 and Rhino 2.
5. Sabertooth Tiger: Once you finish the ice section, you'll see 2 cavemen hiding from the tiger. The achievement will unlock as soon as you tame the tiger.

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