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Complete Anubis Columns Puzzle

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Posted: 18 Nov 2021 15:50:27

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When you first go into the Egypt room, you are locked in and forced to solve a puzzle. You have to align the three columns to make the correct picture on the column. Each column has three pieces to it, in order for you to understand which column I am talking about, I will call the column on the farthest left, Column 1, the middle one, Column 2, the right one, Column 3.

This is how you solve it..
1. With the animal ingot, click {RT} once on the left Anubis statue to select him. Then select ( {RT} ) the top piece in Column 1, then press {RT} again to tell him to set it there on the pedestal right in front of him on the ground.

2. Select the Anubis statue on the right now, then the top piece in the Column 3, and then tell him to place it on top of Column 2 as the third piece.

3. Then click the left Anubis statue, then select the top piece in Column 2, the piece that just moved in step 2, and then select the top spot in Column 1 to complete it.

4. Click on the right Anubis, select the top or 2nd piece in Column 2, then click the top spot on Column 3. But you may notice it's backward, to fix it, you must click once more it to select the piece and him to grab it, click again twice from him to rotate it, this completes Column 3.

5. With the right Anubis selected, select the piece right in front of him on the pedestal on the floor, then select the 2nd or current top spot, but again it is the wrong direction, click again to select, and once more to rotate it. Than click the Anubis on the left, and select the piece in front of him on the floor, then select the top spot on Column 2, again it needs to be rotated, so click again to select the piece, then rotate it twice to complete Column 2 only to talk to Cleopatra who somehow has an annoying New Jersey accent.

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