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Complete the Trilobite Puzzle in the National Museum of Natural History

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Posted: 18 Nov 2021 15:49:59

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This is an easily missed achievement in the level as it is a hidden side quest that isn't necessary for the main story. You can access this puzzle by, locating a painting of a Trilobite (the achievement picture, it looks more like an egg w/ 2 smaller eggs in each half) in the lower rotunda to the right of the Egypt room, you must your flashlight's animal power on it, once activated, press {X} to "jump in". You beat this puzzle by getting and facing them in the right direction as their spots and "dropping" the Trilobites into the same colored spot.

Controls, press {A} to select a Trilobite, and right {thumbstick} to guide it, which you put the white circle reticule right in of the Trilobite to have it follow it. You can also click the Reset button to reset the puzzle.

First you select the Yellow one, move it only a little bit to the left of the bottom triangle. Then select the blue on, guide it straight ahead to the blue colored spot and "drop" it in for the first one.

Then select the Green one, guide it and stop it just behind the Yellow one. Then select the Yellow one, guide it around and to the Right of the upper triangle and bring it around to the bottom of the rock on the right. Select the Green one, guide it up to the right again following the Yellow one, and "drop" it in it's spot.

Select the Yellow again, guide it to the right of the bottom triangle, up and to the left of the upper triangle, go around the left rock, across the bottom, to and past the right rock, and Down the right side of the triangle, and "drop" it in it's spot.

Finally, select the red one, bring it straight to the right of the right of the right rock, then Up the Right side of the bottom triangle, up through the Left side of the upper triangle, and bring it around on the outside and "drop" it in.

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