Cyberpunk 2077

Ultra Rare

Gun Fu


Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies in quick succession with a revolver or pistol in close combat.

Guide for Gun Fu Achievement

Posted: 21 Jan 2021 09:01 pm

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Easiest way I've seen to get this

(Especially for those way past the early Johnny Silverhand missions)

Many people, including myself, were having trouble with this one. I hope this solution helps and clarifies things.. the main detail to keep in mind is RANGE. You can take out 5 enemies in 4 seconds but if you’re not close enough, this does not work.

1. Get an OP revolver (I was using an Overture with 520 DPS). I’m sure you can use pistols, I just felt revolvers made this easier. I’m not sure how low DPS can be for easy Watson enemies, so feel free to drop some comments if you got this with something less (say 300 DPS?). One shot kills are heavily preferred.

2. Fast travel to Offshore St in Watson. The enemies are here (, just down the street southwest from the fast travel point (

** This is also a perfect spot to do the Daemon in the Shell achievement too if you haven’t!

3. Make a manual save, it could take a few tries.. or run down the street and come back. They’ll keep respawning.

4. Hipfiring works best for this. Don’t bother aiming. It shouldn’t even matter because of how close you have to be anyways.. Get up close to one. I mean reeeaal close. Like each enemy should have the revolver on their back/stomach. Then take them out one by one. Like I said, focus less on the amount of time it takes to do it, and more that you’re right in these bastards’ faces giving them a kiss of death.

5. Cheevo should pop

Credit- "Chief Tigris" Other site.

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