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Win an Arms Race match without dying

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Posted: 10 Aug 2014 03:36 pm

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As hard as this sounds to be, it can be a piece of cake through a little glitch.

From the Main Menu, press Start. Go to Play. Then go to Offline with Bots. After that choose Arms Race at the level called "Shoots". Put the difficulty to Easy. (The third one from the left side, the the first).

Now just kill the enemies (they're easy, but probably not easy enougn for you to make it through the entire round without dying). Make it to the final weapon, which is the Golden Knife (you can die as many time as you like up to his point). Once you've reached the knife, press start and switch teams. You will now spawn with the previous weapon, the Dual Berettas. Now just kill two enemies, one with the Berettas, and one with the Knife in one life, and the achievement is yours. If you would die while attempting this, simply swap teams and keep trying until you make it. Technically you would only need to kill two enemies with your last two weapons without dying.

This is a glitch, and could be fixed one day. I've had this game on my Hard Drive for at least a year, launched it for the first time a couple of days ago and I had no updates, so you shouldn't worry about this glitch getting patched, but you never know so get to it! Alternatively you could clear your system cache, and then play offline to still be able to "exploit" the same glitch.

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