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Defeat A Boss In All Its Incarnations

Guide for Is That All You've Got? Achievement

Gintama ZURA
Posted: 13 Jul 2020 01:44 am

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Every boss from Floors 1-4 have 3 completely different versions for each one of them. Different patterns and attacks just in general.
(Not sure about the bosses for Floors 5 and 6, however. Only ever reached them twice each, and they were the same both times.)

It does not matter which difficulty you choose (I do suggest Easy or Normal however, since Hard is pretty rough), as long as you kill all 3 versions of just one of these bosses, the achievement will pop. (It pops after the cutscene in between floors, or at least it did for me.)

I'm not sure if this means anything, but I didn't find the last incarnation for one of the bosses until I unlocked New Game+ and even then it was on my 2nd run of that mode (8th or 9th run overall). The incarnations are all completely random for how often they spawn, since it's RNG in that regard.

If you're going for the completion anyway, I wouldn't even worry about this achievement as you'll more than likely get this on one of your runs. If not, just keep playing Floors 1-4 over and over until it pops.

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